Feb 10, 2007

nang gumawa ako ng serye sa telebisyon...

eto po...nangangarap na magkaroon ng sariling series sa tv. ehehe...lol. joke.

andie..who was bothering me while i was doing some school stuff took this picture (stolen). hehehhe... that same night i-nedit ko yung shot.

partly inspired by the title screens of princess hours... light effects hitting the subject's face. hehehe... i did some dodge effects in my face and blurred the background to get an emphasis on the subject. (which happened to be me). hehehe...

badly, the camera was set at ISO 1600 in a badly lit room. i had to eliminate a large amount of pixels to have a sooth effect on the hair and skin. hehehe... :D

anyway, enough of my "narsci"...

medyo matagal na rin since i last made a post in this blog. busy na naman po kasi ang bata. this is my first post for the year. Congrats! hehehe...

Office 2007: Farewell MS Office 2003
i installed a copy of office 2007 on my laptop. Cool... an daming changes compared to 2003. unlike the transition between office xp and 2003, this time.. the user might get confused on microsoft's efforts to make it's GUI more user-friendly. hehehe... i'm using the black skin to make it more appealing on my system's skin. parang vista ang effect. although a bit confusing at first... the features are tabbed according to their functions. enough of those file-edit-view-format days. a completely different interface awaits for those who havent tried it yet.

FOOTNOTE: office 2007's minimum requirements : 1gb hd space, 256mb ram, 500mhz cpu. not bad eh

huling FOOTNOTE: i got to go.. hehehe... this was the longest time i spent for this blog...and i got no plans of beating jacky's record. lol. hehehehe

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