Dec 23, 2006


Mga Ka-tambay sa Tindahan (TUS)

Mga KapitbahayMga Batang Kalye (Kapwa yagit)Mga Ka-baryo
Sa Kabilang Ibayo

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Batang Yagit

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Dec 22, 2006

Xmas Urban Tour (a xmas party)

Enough of those fancy christmas parties with junky foods served and short programs. Hehehhe... eto bago

Kalasag decided to have an urban tour instead of having traditional xmas party. it was star's idea.

First drop: Matina Town Square Paintball (right)

Who would have thought that there lies a new kind of fun. Amidst the bars and restaurants in matina town square, in an empty lot near the parking space, lies the play field for the paintball. Cool ang game! hehehhe.. costume pa lang, ahhh na! hehehhe We played for almost 4 hours. Five pesos pero paint bullet. Costume and gun rental, free.
An advise lang po before going there, don't wear shorts. Hehehhe... Don't wear white. Too bad for me. white shorts and sinuot ko. hehehehe... 10 bullets would last up to 2 games.

next drop: Asian Body Massage
after all the mud and sweat from our first stop, a soothing whole body massage was perfect. hhehehhe... extremes diba? from a heart pumping play to a body relaxing activity naman. one hour of full body massage with asian ambiance. enough to drive our head to sleep.

next drop: Buffet Palace Matina
food food and food. yun lang po.

last drop: VISA at Victoria Plaza Compound
Videoke na naman. exchanging of gifts and a short and hilarious presentation. Power cast. May guest from Globe Telecommunications and Assistant to the President of the Ateneo de Davao University. hehehhe...

Anyway, what more lies ahead of kalasag? lakwatsa, lakwatsa and lakwatsa.

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