Feb 17, 2008

Developing Applications for the web

It has been 9 years ago since I engaged myself into web development. Eight years ago, I was introduced to PERL programming and started to appreciate how the web can dynamically process information at a real time speed. Five years ago, PHP hit the scene and gave us a wider view on how powerful the web can be in terms of data processing, storage and presentation. Two years ago, AJAX hit the scene. Again, the web proved its power by showing us a more dynamic application of its technology through AJAX.

The web is improving every day. And each day, new applications are developed for the Web. I have encountered one application called MerchantOS. It's a web-based point of sale system. The concept behind this MerchantOS service is to provide an easy way of managing the sales of your establishments. Instead of buying expensive custom made POS System applications, the web-based pos can be a good alternative.

Who knows, there will be more technologies that can be developed in the web. I have tried developing my own POS system before using ajax. The application I developed was functional but it can't compete yet with the commercially available POS. My AJAX skills during that time was still premature as well.

Developers from Google even made office applications available in the web. Who knows, maybe voice recognition, biometrics and other applications may be available in the web in the near future.

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Feb 4, 2008

Going back to Hanoi

After having our lunch at Pepper and Peppers, the group maximized the remaining hours to burn what we have eaten (during lunch) before dinner. After that mouth watering experience during lunch, again, we were faced with another gastronomic experience at Hanoi.

It was my second time to visit Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant, the lunch with Ate Ria was the first.

This time, I came here for the 6th Leg of the Davao Food Trip which was organized by Kuya Blogie and the rest of The Usual Suspects. This second visit is better than the first since we get to try the dishes we weren't able to taste the previous time.

Here are the dishes Kuya Blogie ordered for us.

Cha Nuong

This dish reminded me of a similar Korean dish (beef cuts and rice wrapped with lettuce). The concept is similar. Ground pork barbeque, served with lettuce, basil, rice noodles, and some veggie slice are wrapped with rice paper. The rice paper wrap is dipped in a special vinegar sauce. I was able to finish to servings of this because it's so good.

Fried Spring Rolls

There's nothing special about the spring roll except that it tastes like the way it should taste. But one notable thing about their spring roll is that it has less grease than other spring rolls that I have tried. I always hate grease on supposedly non-greasy food. hihihihihi.

Pomelo and Shrimp Salad

This is my favorite among the choices of appetizers in Hanoi. It's a must try for anyone who wishes to visit Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant. The addition of vinegar sauce to the salad amplifies the acidic flavor of the pomelo. Also, the basil leaves adds flavor and aroma to the whole dish. I love this dish.

Beef Tenderloin with Tomatoes

This is yet another favorite dish from Hanoi. I love the tomatoes being used in this dish. Also, the sweet and salty flavor of the tender meat is so pleasant to my palate.

Butter and Garlic Crabs

The night was a crab party as we feast with the humongous crabs being served to us. The crabs were prepared with garlic and butter. It has been a while since the last time (when I was in Malaysia) I had a crab on my dinner plate. The garlic flavor of the crab is very distinct in every bit of crab meat I ate.

Visit Hanoi Vietnamese Restaurant at Camus Street, Davao City.

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Feb 3, 2008

Thinking about work

I mentioned before in one of my blog posts (Working dilemma) on how uneasy I feel about graduating, specially on finding a good career to take. It seems that this dilemma is inevitable. I am slowly drawn towards finding good business leads and working opportunities.

Last Friday, a representatives from a company named Advanced World Systems went to our school to give a qualifying exam for their company. Based on what I have learned during their brief orientation, their company is a Japanese owned company with different branches all over the world. They have three branches in the Philippines alone, two in Metro Manila (Alabang and Makati) and one in Cebu. AWS specializes on software technologies, embedded systems and a few in hardware systems.

I was fortunate that I passed the qualifying exam. I also had the interview in the afternoon, right after they released the results of the exams. Based on the interview, it seems that this company suits my expertise and interests. There's nothing better than working in a company I like. Right now, I'm hoping that they will call me in two weeks time. The only thing which keeps me from this is my board exam. They asked me if I'd have to choose over their company and my licensure exam, which of these two would I choose. I chose the latter.

Anyway, whatever will be the outcome of that interview, I'm still hoping that I'd see my self in the future according to what I have planned for my life. I'm still on the process of preparing my self for the unexpected. I only have a month left for this chapter of my life.

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Feb 2, 2008

Waldner, where art thou?

Naalala ko yung mga panahong mas kilala ako sa tawag na Nitrosaint. Hindi pa karamihan ang nagagawa kong website nung mga panahong 'yon. Isa sa mga ginawa kong website ay yung Badsaintz Website. Offline na siya ngayon pero nagawan ko naman ng back-up kahit papaano.

Habang binabalikan ko yung mga ginawa ko noong araw, napadaan ako sa forum ng high school batch namin.

Ilan ito sa mga screen caps ng mga nabasa ko.

At ngayon, eto ang tanong.... SINO SI WALDNER?

Clue: He's a blogger from Mindanao who's now in Manila. He consistently attends blogger meet-ups in Manila.

Asan na kaya yung taong to? Di na umuuwi ng Davao. Amf

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Google or Wordpress?

I was preparing for school and the thought of wearing a geeky shirt came to me. I have several geek shirts in my closet, Ctrl+alt+del shirt, google shirt, wordpress shirt, 0 comments shirt to name a few.

Since I'm having a dilemma if I should move out to wordpress or not, i had an idea of posting this shirts here. Hehehe.. Just for fun.

I ended up wearing the wordpress shirt. ;)

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Feb 1, 2008

Monitoring your blog traffic

It was in November when we launched our website. Since then, we've been exerting a lot of efforts in marketing our website in the internet. Our target is to top the Google SERP since most users in the Philippines use Google for search.

But to our dismay, we learned that our website was spammed by some user named SAM. Based on my analysis, the PRC was spammed so that the SERP results will be manipulated to our disadvantage.

The following are the tools I use in monitoring my site traffic (also for monitoring possible spam sources):

  • Technorati

    Our technorati page received several pings from the spammer's website. Several links point to our website. It was very suspicious since the source websites contains gibberish titles.

  • SEOTrail

    This is a new SEO tool which I learned from my friend. SEOTrail.com monitors websites which connect to your website. From this tool, we learned that our website was spammed. But aside from the track backs of site links, this tool also organizes the back-links according to the type of source where the ping came from. It also monitors the volume of links our site received.

  • Google Analytics

    Of course, the analytics works well in monitoring website traffic source. Aside from the traffic volume that is monitored, analytics offer a wide range of information gathering tools which is very helpful in monitoring your site traffic.

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