Jun 30, 2007

Project PIC Loader, now WORKING!

At long last, my PIC Loader is now working. I went to school this afternoon to continue working on my unfinished project. I am still expecting that the first circuit I worked on would go to junk. I started working on my second circuit (a new one) but I stopped when I realized that several solpads were not drilled. Since I don't own a hand drill and nobody in the laboratory had the initiative to bring one, it would be a waste of time to stop working. The only option I have is to continue working on the first circuit I made. I fixed some lines which was disconnected due to my careless handling. After placing all the lines in place, I went inside the stock room to check if it works.

Whoala! It works!
Yes! It does. I don't get that stupid "Verification failed at address 0x0000h" error anymore.

Below are the images of my finished project.

Circuit II PCB
The finished project.
The unfinished Circuit II

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Jun 29, 2007

Project PIC Loader

I have no class yet I'm here at home doing my school project. I still have lots of school work on queue. Help me please!! T___T

I'm working on my PIC Loader now. It's a device used to load programs (or to program) into the Microchip PIC16F84A Microcontroller. The circuit is simple but troubleshooting it is ...(i dunno). I always get this "Program Verification Failed at address 0x0000h". T____T. Most of us actually get this error. Anyway, the deadliest deadline is on Tuesday. I can still work on it on Saturday and Monday. I was hoping I could work on it today but I don't have the 'equipments' needed.

Eto nga pala ang design for those "I'm a Microcontroller Programmer" Wannabe's.

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Philosophy, ECE at Sine

I did mention in my previous post that I won't be blogging much. This week's been very busy for me. Excuse me if I've been ranting these past few days on how busy I am and how I am so pressured with school life. June is not a good month for me and for most of our blogging friends. I'm still at my peak of adjustments. This is my final year in college and I have to do good. Staying for another year is not part of my plan.


I'm taking six units of Philosophy this year. I am 3 units behind in Philosophy. We need at least twelve units in Philo in order to graduate. My Philosophy (of Human Person) class got dissolved last year. I was on a block section but my classmates dropped the subject and transferred to another schedule. I was one of the three people who were not able to add the subject after the class was dissolved.

I have a philosophy class from Monday to Friday. MWF for my Philosophy of Religion and TTH schedule for my Philosophy of the Human Person. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I only have one teacher for both subjects which means that I get to see him everyday. (In two weeks time, I might be able to predict what outfit he would next wear in class). This adds to the confusion between the two subjects coz I often mistake the Philo of Religion for Philo on the Human person. Contrary to common belief that Philosophy is a boring subject (might be true sometimes), I like the subject (often times I feel sleepy). I enjoy hearing philosophical debates. It makes me feel I am mentally gifted.


ECE can't be felt when we were in the lower year but since the moment we entered our senior years, ECE is not a nirvana anymore. Teachers would start bombarding students with lots of projects. which sometimes cost much. Project made me busy this week. Yet, I wasn't able to finish it yet. Our teacher required us to make a PIC Burner. It's a device used to load programs into your PIC Microcontroller. Our teacher gave us the design. For almost a week now, I have not yet been able to make it work. It always say Program Verification Failed at address 0x0000h. Darn that address. It should go to hell. Almost all of our classmates were not yet able to submit the project. Most of us get the same error.


Despite the very busy week that I have, I still had the opportunity to watch a movie. Transformers. I love the movie. The sound effects, the humor, the visual presentation, the special effects and the CGI animation. A must see for this year. Though there are a lot of flaws in the movie, the special effects make up for such.

We are on holiday tomorrow. The University President declared June 29 as a non-working holiday. I'm glad I could rest tomorrow.

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Jun 25, 2007

Yehey! May bagong staff na kami

Yehey! Masaya ako kasi may bago na kaming staff sa Kalasag. Matapos ang mga Philosophy Shakening na mga diskusyon, napili rin namin ang apat na bagong staff na bubuo ng Kalasag para sa 2008.

Kanina lang ay pinapunta namin ang apat na staff sa office para sa kanilang orientation at mga assignments. Kung ano yung assignments, later ko na i-rereveal kasi secret pa yun sa ngayon. Para naman makilala nyo ang bagong staff namin, gumawa ako ng konting description sa kanila kahit na hindi ko pa sila gaanong kilala.

John Paul Abrina
Una kong nakita ang profile niya sa blogger. Naka-link ang profile niya sa blog ni Vikki ka
ya nung minsan ay napadaan ako sa blog niya. Naging interisado ako sa pangalan nya kasi ka-apelyido niya ang Physical Plant Head namin. Si Engr. Abrina.

Nemia Asiong
Eto yung babaeng parati kong nakikita pag papunta na ako ng school tuwing umaga. Parati ko syang nakakasabay sa tricycle at jeepney pero dedma lang ako kasi suplado ako sa personal. Akala ko dati nursing siya. Yun din ang isang dahilan kung bakit hindi ko na rin binigyan ng effort na alamin ang kanyang pagkatao kasi nga ayoko sa Nursing ng aming school.

Venice Paleguin
Eto naman yung FC o feeling close na kaibigan nila Cris. Parati siyang nasa office namin tuwing walang klase ang magkaibigang Red at Cris. Nakiki-gamit rin siya ng mga computers namin kahit na alam niyang bawal ito. Nakiki-take rin siya ng picture mula sa Mac naming si Kaloy. Nakikigamit rin siya ng lockers. May secret rin siyang alam na ng mga editors. Ganun siya ka-FC sa amin.

Rani Valles
Wala akong natatandaang encounter sa babaeng ito except nung araw na ng interview niya. Kamukha niya ang isa kong kaibigan. Yun lang.

Kung bakit ko pinost ang entry na ito? hmmmm.... para ma-publish ang mukha nila sa internet. Try niyong i-Google search. Ganito rin kasi ang ginawa nila kina Cris at Kim last year. Hehehehe

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Jun 24, 2007

Indefinite leave

This week has been a hell for me. A lot of things in school are bothering me. First week pa lang, drained na kami. I'm just hoping that when this semester ends, we're not brain dead yet. Projects and upcoming quizzes gives me chills. *sigh*. I'm still on the adjustment period of my last year in Engineering. New lessons, evil teachers, monstrous projects, etc.

I guess I won't be blogging much. Since the moment AdSense disabled my account, it broke my desires for blogging. I am so depressed about it that I even hate seeing ads on the sites I visit. It was the end of my days of anticipation for that $100 payout. I can't do anything about it anymore.

For now, I can't think of anything but school. I might take some break from blogging. I might visit your blogs or post some entries on this blog once in a while but my daily blog-hopping routine might not be as often as before. I'm still subscribing the feeds of some blogging friends and that's the best I can do for now.

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Opera Mini™ 4 Beta: My New Phone Browser

Several days ago, I downloaded the new Opera Mini™ 4 Beta on my K608i. I was not able to try it yet because of some technical problems. My Internet connection can't be detected by the application. I had to redo all the 3G/GPRS Set-ups. It was last night wherein I was able to try the application. It is really cool. I imagine my K608i competing with N80's phone browser. Check these screenshots I got.

Anyway, Opera Mini published 10 reasons to love Opera Mini™ 4 Beta.

  1. Surf the Web in style

    The Web. Period. You can get any site, anywhere, at any time. It's your Web, to go.

  2. "X marks the spot" — start at the right place

    When you load a page, Opera Mini will automatically suggest a place to begin reading. When it's time to dive into the page, Opera Mini zooms in and cleanly focuses on the content you want.

  3. Stay at the right place

    Opera Mini dynamically changes the size of text and images to make it convenient to read without a lot of unnecessary scrolling.

  4. A mouse!

    We included a virtual mouse to make it easy to scroll in any direction. The mouse cursor will look for content and links, and snap the view to them.

  5. Power scrolling

    Scroll faster using the keypad. Simply hit 2 to go up, 4 to go left, 6 to go right and 8 to go down. Opera Mini will snap the view to the content. Hit 5 to zoom in and out.

  6. Fast and cheaper browsing

    As always, Opera Mini delivers the pages you want, quickly. In doing so, Opera Mini makes your data bill cheaper, too. Opera Mini loads pages more than 2x faster than other mobile browsers.

  7. Good old Small Screen Rendering

    Is it just too much scrolling for you? Turn on "Fit to width" and enjoy the pages in the Small Screen Rendering view. In this view, the structure of the Web page is changed into a single vertical column, removing the need to scroll horizontally while browsing.

  8. Quick access to key functionality with the context menu

    Hit 1 to open the context menu, where you can turn on Small Screen Rendering (Fit to width) or reload the page. When focusing the cursor on a link you can see where the link really will take you, or choose to open the linked page with images turned off. When browsing with images off, you can choose to load the images in a page by selecting "Load images". You can even load the image in its original size and uncompressed, high quality by choosing "Open image".

  9. Web designers go wild

    We included all the cool CSS support you need to make your mobile web pages look pixel perfect.

  10. It's just the beta

    More crazy stuff will arrive shortly.

Check Opera Mini™ 4 Beta here.

I first tried using the browser to view my BY site and here's what I got.

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Jun 21, 2007

Would you decline this offer?

Opportunity knocks only once. Yesterday, I was offered to conduct a training in Brunei. The training would focus on Web and Graphics design. It's a seven-day training with pre-made training modules, which means that it would be easier for me to facilitate the training since may nakahandang training plan na. Also, they would be the one who would process my professional working visa. Diba? Ok na ok yung offer. And I would also earn $100 per day. One week po yan.

I was about to accept the offer pero nagbago ang isip ko. When I checked the University schedule, the return date from Brunei would fall on a week before our advisory exams. Eto yung mga panahong ginagapang namin ang lahat ng subject dahil sa sunod-sunod na mga long quiz ang pre-exam tests. I'm gonna be busy also with my project for the prelims. Not to mention pa yung project study at patong patong na projects from my 5 major subjects.

Medyo nakakapanghinayang yung pagbitiaw ko sa opportunity na nasa kamay ko na. But I can't exchange my studies for anything. Mamaya na yang mga etra2x na yan pagkatapos ng pag-aaral. I'll get my license first before I engage into anything work related. Marami pang oras at panahon (Sana nga at di pa huli). I can still do more.

P.S. Pasensya na po at medyo 2 days delayed ang posting ng entry na to. School's hell for me now. Busy. Very Busy.

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Jun 17, 2007

My Technorati rank, blog worth and adsense income went up in 5 days

My Technorati Authority Points went up from 15 to 60. My Blog Traffic was doubled. My blog worth increased 10 times. And most of all, my adsense income became consistently high.

Just a couple of days ago, I started this Viral Craze which hit the blog community. This so called viral tags aims to exponentially increase your Technorati Rank, Google Page Rank, and blog traffic. The system works like a chain post where you have to tag several people in your post. In return, the tagged person will create a link back to the person who tagged him. In this way, the tagged users will continue the web chain indefinitely. Thus, increasing the number of blogs linked to your blog which in return may increase your popularity and statistics.

In five days, I achieved everything I have mentioned above. If I have done this the normal way, it would take me a couple of months before I could achieve this point. I am now enjoying the benefits I got from this craze.

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Jun 16, 2007

Nag-Mall tour po kami

Waw. Ang tagal kong hindi naka-post ng blog entry. Pasensya na po at nabusy ang bata sa unang linggo ng pasukan. Pinagka-abalahan ko rin yung paglipat sa Davao HotSpots sa bago nitong address.

Noong nakaraang linggo po, noong nasa Manila pa po ako, nakitira po ako kina Kuya Jehz. Enjoy kasi mall hopping yung naging trip namin kasama si ate Yna. Ang dami naming adventures na pinagagawa.

Nothing special sa mga nangyari sa unang araw ng pag-Overstay ko sa Manila. May trabaho si Jehzeel kaya ako lang mag-isa. Papauwi na mga kaklase ko sa araw na yun. Sumama na rin ako n
ung magshopping sila sa Greenhills. Isang oras kong hinanap sila Jeff sa loob ng Greenhills. Magulo kasi ang hindi mo sila makikita not unless na magkasalubong kayo ng dinadaanan. Pagkatapos ng shopping, bago sila pupunta ng airport, sumabay na rin akong maglunch. Medyo masakit ang ulo ko kaya hindi ko gaanong na-enjoy yung pamamasyal. Pagkatapos maglunch, nag-decide akong pumunta ng SM San Lazaro para malapit sa tinitirhan ni Ate Yna at malapit lang din sa pinagtratrabahuan ni Jehzeel. Kaya sumakay ako ng LRT. Binayaran ko lang yung card pagkatapos sumakay na ako. Kung di ba naman tatanga-tanga ang Bata at maling tren ang sinakyan. Naku po! Papuntang EDSA pala yung nasakyan kong tren. Kaya tinext ko na lang si Jehz na sa halip sa San Lazaro magkikita, sa MOA na lang kasi bababa na lang ako ng Buendia.

Hindi kami nagkita ni Ate Ina kasi nasa Divisoria pa sila at nagshoshopping. Di ko rin naman alam ang sakayan papu
ntang Divisoria kaya inubos ko na lang ang aking oras sa pamamasyal sa loob ng MOA.

Nung pangalawang araw ko naman, medyo problema kasi sumakit ang tiyan ko. Medyo masama yung pakiramdam ko. Kabag ata kasi nakatutok sa akin yung dalawang electric fan. Try nyo.

Nagdecide kaming sa Gateway na lang kakain. Tinext ko na si ate Yna para makasabay siya sa amin. Para na rin mapakilala ko siya ng personal kay Jehzeel. Kasi hindi naman namin alam kung asan yung bahay nila, minabuti na naming mag-antay sa labas ng UST sa Espana kasi raw malapit lang yung bahay nila sa UST. Kulang-kulang isang oras din kaming nag-antay dun bago kami nagkita ni Ate Yna. Kaya ayun pumunt
a na kami ng Gateway. Kaso, masama pa rin yung pakiramdam ko. Wala akong ganang kumain. Medyo nahihilo ng konti, masakit ang ulo, masakit ang tiyan. Hahay! Di ko kayang ubusin yung 1-piece chicken ko.

Pagkatapos ng 'lunch' namin, dumiretso na kami ng MOA. Pareho naming gustong mag-ICE skating. Kaya ayun, diretso agad sa Ice skate rink. Na-enjoy namin yung 1 hour na skating namin. Ilang beses rin akong kamuntikang matumba. Lalo na si Jehzeel, na first time rin, kasi parating nagmamadali. Basa na nga yung pants nya nung nakaka-kalahating oras pa lang kami. Si Ate Yna naman, medyo mayabang kasi marunong na raw sya kasi second time nya nang mag-Skate sa yelo.

After ng MOA skating adventure namin, we went to glorietta para mag-snack. Sa mga oras na to, medyo ok na yung pakiramdam ko. Nawala ata yung masamang pakiramdam sa pag-ice skate ko. Whoala! Marami ang nakain kong snack. Good enough to last til dinner. Hehehe.

May ibang malls pa kaming pinuntahan. Masyadong mahaba ang araw na ito para sa amin. Ito rin yung last day na namasyal kami ni Ate Yna. Magrereview kasi sya sa Manila kaya medyo matatagalan pa bago kami magkikita. Baka sa Maynila na rin siya magtatrabaho. Umuwi kami ng bahay ng bandang 11 ng gabi. Grabe yung malling namin. 1/3 ata ng Metro Manila yung inikot namin. Mas malaki pa ang ginastos namin sa pamasahe kaysa pagkain. Sana maulit muli.

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Jun 12, 2007

Ang bestpren kong bigatin (Biga10)

Kakaiba talaga ang araw na 'to. Pero bago ko ikekwento yung mga nangyari ngayong araw na to, mas mabuti siguro na malaman nyo muna yung pinaggagawa ko pagkatapos ng dalawang araw at isang gabing pananatili sa pine city.

Noong pangalawang araw naman namin. Namasyal ng konti tas we spent most of the day on our bus seat. Nakakasakit nga sa pwet eh. Pero dumaan kami ng Luisita sa Tarlac para tingnan yung factory ng Sanyo Capacitors. Ngayon ko lang narealiz na nasa kabundukan pala matatagpuan ang mga hi-tech na facilities. Nung dumating naman kami sa Maynila, nag-check-in kami sa isang hotel malapit sa LRT station sa Buendia. Asteeg, 3-star hotel daw itong hotel na ito (Kahit na hindi ko nararamdaman yung pressence ng tatlong tala). Nasa 20th floor yung room namin. Kaso, malaking problema yung availability ng elevator. Isipin nyo, kailangan mong maghintay ng mga 15 minuto para sa dalawang minutong sakay sa elevator. Inisip ko tuloy kung titira ako sa malaking building, kailangan ko pang umalis ng maaga. Para atang jeepney ang aantayin ko. Hehehe

Kaya nung mag-umaga, 7am daw call time namin. Kaya umalis ako ng 6:50 sa room namin. Malay ko ba at aabutin ng 15 minutes yung elevator ride ko. Sa school nga namin, wala pang 3 minuto, makakasakay ka na ng elevator. So kaya ayun, late daw ang bata kaya ang kaparusahan...magpapakain ng ice cream. But na lang at hindi lang ako ang nalate. sobra ata kalahati ng grupo ang late. hehehe

After having breakfast, diretso na kami sa studio. Studio tour agad yung ginawa namin. Wala kaming nakitang artista eh pero pumasok kami sa mga studio nila. Nakita rin namin yung facilities nila. Kaya after nung tour, pinastay muna kami sa canteen kasi 11a.m. pa raw papapasukin sa loob ng wowowee studio. Tatawagin lang daw kami. Ako naman, nagplaplano na kung ano ang gagawin at saan pwepwesto. Baka ma-"Most Unforgettable Experience" pa ako dito, mahirap na.

Matapos ang paghihintay namin, pinapasok na kami ng studio. Waw. Ang haba ng pila. Akala ko ba VIP kami dito. Hehehehe. Nung makarating na kami sa pasukan, pinagkukuha na ng mga guards yung dala dala namin tubig. At di lang basta hiningi o kinuha, tinapon pa ito sa ilalim hagdan kung saan nakakalat ang marami pang mga pagkain at inumin. Bawal daw kasi sa loob ng studio. Kaso bastos yung pagkakagawa nila ng pagkuha ng pagkain. Para bang basura itong tinatapon sa sahig at kokolektahin ng mamang basurero pagkatapos kunan ng mga pagkain ang lahat ng tao. Hahay. Kaya nga ayoko ng mga lugar na to, lalo lang akong nagmumukhang yagit.

Nung malapit na kami sa studio, may mga naglilibot na mga marshalls. Etong si Manong Marshall, nakakaasar din. Una, nagtatanong siya kung taga-saan daw kami. Sabi namin Ateneo de Davao. Sinabi niya naman, "ahhh mga bisaya diay mo?" "Opo" "Anong sinakyan niyo, barko?" "Eroplano po". Ako naman, lalong nagngingitngit sa galit. Eh ano kung taga-Davao kami, di ba kami makaka-afford mag eroplano. Hirit pa ng isang kasama namin. "We could even hire our own private jets". Naalala ko tuloy yung isang kaklase ko na anak ng isang congressman at galing sa isang sikat at mamahaling skwelahan sa Maynila na lumipat ng ADDU kasi nilait siya ng kaklase nya at nagtanong ng "Do you ride carabaos in Davao". Hahay. Pero natuwa na rin ako kay Manong kasi napansin niya ang bestpren kong si Matet. Sinabi niya, "Oh, tatawagin ka ni Willie mamaya". O diba. Ok lang. Para kay Matet, magandang exposure yun. hehehe

Nung makapasok na kami sa studio, sinigurado kong hindi ko makakatabi si Matet. Mahirap ng mapansin at baka pagsayawin ako ng adududu-adadada ng wala sa oras. Naghanap rin ako ng pwesto kung saan hindi ako matatamaan ng camera kung dadaan ang camera sa side namin. Ayos. Nakapwesto ako. Maganda rin ang suot kong shirt kasi kulay pula ito at nangingitim kung walang light na tumatama. Parang sillouette lang ako sa TV.

Kaya nung magkapilian na, agad2x naming tinuro si Matet. Si Matet naman, na nakapagpractice ng ilang linggo sa pagsasayaw, eh cool na cool sa ginawa namin. Agad agad siyang bumaba para sumayaw. Sayang at hindi ko ito na-video kasi bawal gamitin ang camcorder sa loob ng studio. Pinagsayaw si matet ng adududu-adadada hahahaaay. At dahil babae sya at nagustuhan siya ni Willie (Walang malisya, promise!) kaya pinasayaw uli sya ng super sexy version. Walang pagdadalawang isip namang ginawa ito ni Matet. Halatang nakapagpractice ito ng ilang linggo. Talagang pinaghandaan niya ito. "Matet, ikaw ang BIGATIN ng Davao" Ayos! Napili yung 'bata' namin. Cheer lang kami ng Cheer. Para lalong matuwa si Willie. Sayang din ang balato pag hindi makuha si Matet.

At ang promising question, "Kung ang What sa tagalog ay ano, ano naman ang Who?" Telelelelelet! "Ahmmm, ahmmm..." sa puntong ito, nanginginig ang boses ni matet. Halatang kinakabahan sa susunod na mangyayari. "Shet" ang nasabi niya sa sarili. "Hindi ako nakapagreview". Saglit ng segundo hinanap ni matet ang kanyang sarili sa kawalan. Pinakiramdaman niya ang paligid, ang mga tao. Kabado ang pakiramdam nya, nanginginig ang malulusog nyang mga tuhod at tumutulo ang pawis mula sa kanyang KATAWAN. Sa kakaunting panahong iyon, nabuo nya uli ang kanyang sarili mula sa pagkakalugmok sa kawalan. "Sino?" "Tama ka! Sampung Libo para sa 'yo"

Ayos! May sampung libo agad. May magpapakain mamaya. Eto yung first talent fee ni Matet. Ok diba?

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Nakuha ko po kay Culture Shiok! Pampalaki daw ng page rank ng google sabi nila.

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4.) Encourage and invite your readers to do the same and soon this can grow virally.

Host Tag: Batang Yagit

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Jun 11, 2007

Bata goes home tonight!

I miss home so much. I was deprived from my internet life for a week now. I'm glad I'm going home tonight. Wish me for my safe travel. :D

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Blogo-Terms: Ano po ang 'meme'?

I check technorati regularly to check my blog stats. Then nakita ko si beejing na naka-tag sa blog ko. It says Songs of Life - a meme. hmmm... maraming beses ko ng nakita ang term na 'meme' pero hindi ko na pinansin. Pero since magkasama kami ni kuya jehz ngayon, tinanong ko sya kung ano ang meme. Ang sabi niya, ang meme raw ang tagalog term para sa tulog or pahinga. Hehehehe... si jehz talaga..nagbibiro. Anyway, kasi di rin niya alam kung ano ang meme, niresearch ko na lang ito.


an idea, project, statement or even a question that is posted by one blog and responded to by other blogs. Although the term encompasses much of the natural flow of communication in the Blogosphere, there are active bloggers and blog sites that are dedicated to the creation of memes on a regular basis.

ahhh...eto pala yung mga parang chain letters na ginagawa ng mga bloggers para paramihin yung site statistics nila sa pamamagitan ng paglalagay ng mga links ng ibang bloggers sa isang post. (tags).

Since wala naman akong songs of life dito sa ginagamit kong computer sa internet cafe, mag-tatag na lang ako sa ibang users para hindi naman sila lugi sa akin. Hehehehe.

Tag po natin sila : Jemme, DavaoHotspots, CokskiBlue, Heneroso, Padre Salvi

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Jun 4, 2007

I'm in Baguio

aba aba.. quick post lang po to. Akala ko pa naman on hiatus ako. Salamat nga pala sa mga bumati sa akin sa ika 100th post ko. Maraming salamat po sa inyong suporta.

at para naman po kay xpal, may internet po sa hotel namin. kaya ok lang.

Yang picture po na yan, kuha po yan kahapon. Sa E.K. po yan. hehehe.. bumalik na naman ako. Kagagaling ko dun last week.

Nasa Baguio po kami ngayon. Hehehe.. nasa bus ako ngayon. medyo walang kwenta ang post ko kasi nagmamadali ako. hehehe. Yun lang po. off ko na po laptop ko. weeee...

P.S. waaaaaaa. magkapareho yung suot kong jacket sa previous post ko. hehehe.. nakakahiya. hmp

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Jun 1, 2007


A kissy-kiss-kiss treat for my 100th post


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Bata on hiatus?

Eto po basahin nyo. Si kuya Jemme na naman ang nagtatanong. hehehehe

Jemme : bat paalam? Kakabalik mo lang sa blogosphere ah. ningas cogon!

hindi po kuya jemme. sandali lang po akong mawawala. Mga isang linggo lang po. Aalis po kasi ako ngayong linggo tas baka hindi ako makaka-internet habang wala sa bahay.

Jemme: san ka naman pupunta?

sa Maynila na naman po.

Jemme: kakagaling mo lang dito ah. ano na nman ba gagawin mo rito?

ahhh..yun po bah? opo. kakagaling ko lang po dyan nung nakaraang linggo. May plant tour po kasi kami. School activity po. Lahat po bale sasama. Maglalakwatsa lang po ata kami. Side trip na yung plant tour. hehehehe.

Jemme: bakit??? ang hirap nun ah (ang walang blog post ng isang linggo). pano ka mabubuhay?

magdadala ako ng laptop. ang problema eh kung may mahanap akong internet. hehehehe

Jemme: makakahanap ka nyan for sure. dami hotspots dito.

susubukan po. hehehe


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