Jan 29, 2007

Facebook Proxy, Friendster Proxy, MySpace Proxy

Proxy sites aid users to bypass or unblock several network securities set by their network administrators. Many offices, schools and public facilities block sites like Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, Orkut, and Multiply.

By using Proxy servers and proxy sites, users can find alternative paths to access their desired sites. Instead of finding a way to hack your administrator's network securities, you may want to use these Proxies we have found.

  1. Myspace Proxy
  2. Friendster Proxy
  3. Facebook Proxy
  4. Seyoh Proxy
  5. Nakatago Proxy
It's a lot of fun trying to unblock Friendster, Myspace or Facebook. Shhhh. Don't tell your administrators about this. We'll try to update the list if we find more relevant sites.

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