Jun 29, 2007

Philosophy, ECE at Sine

I did mention in my previous post that I won't be blogging much. This week's been very busy for me. Excuse me if I've been ranting these past few days on how busy I am and how I am so pressured with school life. June is not a good month for me and for most of our blogging friends. I'm still at my peak of adjustments. This is my final year in college and I have to do good. Staying for another year is not part of my plan.


I'm taking six units of Philosophy this year. I am 3 units behind in Philosophy. We need at least twelve units in Philo in order to graduate. My Philosophy (of Human Person) class got dissolved last year. I was on a block section but my classmates dropped the subject and transferred to another schedule. I was one of the three people who were not able to add the subject after the class was dissolved.

I have a philosophy class from Monday to Friday. MWF for my Philosophy of Religion and TTH schedule for my Philosophy of the Human Person. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I only have one teacher for both subjects which means that I get to see him everyday. (In two weeks time, I might be able to predict what outfit he would next wear in class). This adds to the confusion between the two subjects coz I often mistake the Philo of Religion for Philo on the Human person. Contrary to common belief that Philosophy is a boring subject (might be true sometimes), I like the subject (often times I feel sleepy). I enjoy hearing philosophical debates. It makes me feel I am mentally gifted.


ECE can't be felt when we were in the lower year but since the moment we entered our senior years, ECE is not a nirvana anymore. Teachers would start bombarding students with lots of projects. which sometimes cost much. Project made me busy this week. Yet, I wasn't able to finish it yet. Our teacher required us to make a PIC Burner. It's a device used to load programs into your PIC Microcontroller. Our teacher gave us the design. For almost a week now, I have not yet been able to make it work. It always say Program Verification Failed at address 0x0000h. Darn that address. It should go to hell. Almost all of our classmates were not yet able to submit the project. Most of us get the same error.


Despite the very busy week that I have, I still had the opportunity to watch a movie. Transformers. I love the movie. The sound effects, the humor, the visual presentation, the special effects and the CGI animation. A must see for this year. Though there are a lot of flaws in the movie, the special effects make up for such.

We are on holiday tomorrow. The University President declared June 29 as a non-working holiday. I'm glad I could rest tomorrow.

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Jhed said...

Wah! Sa Sunday ko pa mapapanood yung Transformers. :P

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