Jun 29, 2007

Project PIC Loader

I have no class yet I'm here at home doing my school project. I still have lots of school work on queue. Help me please!! T___T

I'm working on my PIC Loader now. It's a device used to load programs (or to program) into the Microchip PIC16F84A Microcontroller. The circuit is simple but troubleshooting it is ...(i dunno). I always get this "Program Verification Failed at address 0x0000h". T____T. Most of us actually get this error. Anyway, the deadliest deadline is on Tuesday. I can still work on it on Saturday and Monday. I was hoping I could work on it today but I don't have the 'equipments' needed.

Eto nga pala ang design for those "I'm a Microcontroller Programmer" Wannabe's.


bugITs said...

hala ka! yan yong design na gawa ng schoolmate namin..electronics and course..pero syempre di ko maintindihan ang mgacircuits2x na yan.. ahehe

Batang Yagit said...

binigay lang po sa amin yung design. Di ko po alam kung san galing. :D

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