Jun 30, 2007

Project PIC Loader, now WORKING!

At long last, my PIC Loader is now working. I went to school this afternoon to continue working on my unfinished project. I am still expecting that the first circuit I worked on would go to junk. I started working on my second circuit (a new one) but I stopped when I realized that several solpads were not drilled. Since I don't own a hand drill and nobody in the laboratory had the initiative to bring one, it would be a waste of time to stop working. The only option I have is to continue working on the first circuit I made. I fixed some lines which was disconnected due to my careless handling. After placing all the lines in place, I went inside the stock room to check if it works.

Whoala! It works!
Yes! It does. I don't get that stupid "Verification failed at address 0x0000h" error anymore.

Below are the images of my finished project.

Circuit II PCB
The finished project.
The unfinished Circuit II


IkkaW-K said...


Beejing said...

Congrats on your success!

Jehzeel Laurente said...

wow astigGG! galingGG! yeah! hehe

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