Feb 17, 2008

Developing Applications for the web

It has been 9 years ago since I engaged myself into web development. Eight years ago, I was introduced to PERL programming and started to appreciate how the web can dynamically process information at a real time speed. Five years ago, PHP hit the scene and gave us a wider view on how powerful the web can be in terms of data processing, storage and presentation. Two years ago, AJAX hit the scene. Again, the web proved its power by showing us a more dynamic application of its technology through AJAX.

The web is improving every day. And each day, new applications are developed for the Web. I have encountered one application called MerchantOS. It's a web-based point of sale system. The concept behind this MerchantOS service is to provide an easy way of managing the sales of your establishments. Instead of buying expensive custom made POS System applications, the web-based pos can be a good alternative.

Who knows, there will be more technologies that can be developed in the web. I have tried developing my own POS system before using ajax. The application I developed was functional but it can't compete yet with the commercially available POS. My AJAX skills during that time was still premature as well.

Developers from Google even made office applications available in the web. Who knows, maybe voice recognition, biometrics and other applications may be available in the web in the near future.


Aice Nice Concepts said...

galing naman ^_^ nice you know everything about websites keep it up

Qoutes said...

nice header ah. visit k sa site ko, i have a blog contest :) -makoy

Nash said...

as your fellow IT buddy, haha i've been planning to study Ajax and Ruby on Rails.. ^^,

but as of now i'm into Java Server Pages

denis said...


ex links po?
added u na eh/

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