Feb 2, 2008

Google or Wordpress?

I was preparing for school and the thought of wearing a geeky shirt came to me. I have several geek shirts in my closet, Ctrl+alt+del shirt, google shirt, wordpress shirt, 0 comments shirt to name a few.

Since I'm having a dilemma if I should move out to wordpress or not, i had an idea of posting this shirts here. Hehehe.. Just for fun.

I ended up wearing the wordpress shirt. ;)


marco_locco_fuac said...

i like the wordpress shirt!!! can i have it??? hmmmmmm... (^^)

Jehzeel Laurente said...

hahahaha! ganda pa inggit oh!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

ako google at google lang.. white and black :D kelan kaya ako mag kaka wordpress? wahaha

Ria Jose said...

You picked the Wordpress shirt because it's nicer. Your Google shirt is corny. Mine is coooler coz it's a Developer's day shirt. :P

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