Feb 3, 2008

Thinking about work

I mentioned before in one of my blog posts (Working dilemma) on how uneasy I feel about graduating, specially on finding a good career to take. It seems that this dilemma is inevitable. I am slowly drawn towards finding good business leads and working opportunities.

Last Friday, a representatives from a company named Advanced World Systems went to our school to give a qualifying exam for their company. Based on what I have learned during their brief orientation, their company is a Japanese owned company with different branches all over the world. They have three branches in the Philippines alone, two in Metro Manila (Alabang and Makati) and one in Cebu. AWS specializes on software technologies, embedded systems and a few in hardware systems.

I was fortunate that I passed the qualifying exam. I also had the interview in the afternoon, right after they released the results of the exams. Based on the interview, it seems that this company suits my expertise and interests. There's nothing better than working in a company I like. Right now, I'm hoping that they will call me in two weeks time. The only thing which keeps me from this is my board exam. They asked me if I'd have to choose over their company and my licensure exam, which of these two would I choose. I chose the latter.

Anyway, whatever will be the outcome of that interview, I'm still hoping that I'd see my self in the future according to what I have planned for my life. I'm still on the process of preparing my self for the unexpected. I only have a month left for this chapter of my life.


Ambo said...

Winston, if you can wait and pass your board exam why not? Anyway i'm sure companies will still look for you since you've proven your worth in the beginning.

Goodluck bunsoy. :-)

Batang Yagit said...

yep kuya. i have taken that into consideration. thanks for the advice. :)

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