Feb 1, 2008

Monitoring your blog traffic

It was in November when we launched our website. Since then, we've been exerting a lot of efforts in marketing our website in the internet. Our target is to top the Google SERP since most users in the Philippines use Google for search.

But to our dismay, we learned that our website was spammed by some user named SAM. Based on my analysis, the PRC was spammed so that the SERP results will be manipulated to our disadvantage.

The following are the tools I use in monitoring my site traffic (also for monitoring possible spam sources):

  • Technorati

    Our technorati page received several pings from the spammer's website. Several links point to our website. It was very suspicious since the source websites contains gibberish titles.

  • SEOTrail

    This is a new SEO tool which I learned from my friend. SEOTrail.com monitors websites which connect to your website. From this tool, we learned that our website was spammed. But aside from the track backs of site links, this tool also organizes the back-links according to the type of source where the ping came from. It also monitors the volume of links our site received.

  • Google Analytics

    Of course, the analytics works well in monitoring website traffic source. Aside from the traffic volume that is monitored, analytics offer a wide range of information gathering tools which is very helpful in monitoring your site traffic.

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