Jul 18, 2007

Banaag Diwa

Our neighbor office, the Atenews, has finally released this year's edition of Banaag Diwa. Banaag Diwa is a compilation of literary works written by students, faculty and staff of the Ateneo de Davao University Community. This year's issue features 126 pages of different works written in Filipino, English and Bisaya.

I have listed several things which I think are special about this book

  • The cover does not look cheap. They used a matted paper for the cover.
  • The design is good. It does not look cheap either
  • It's FREE. (Well, actually it's not coz it's included in out tuition) I love freebies
  • This would be the last issue that I would get since I would be leaving the university on March (hopefully)
  • The paper used for the pages are glossy. I guess it is c2s, if I remember it right. (The paper used before are cheaper in quality)
  • They included photos. If only I have known that they accept photography works for this issue, I should have submitted some of my shots. (I hate it coz every spread has a Pidor photo on it. Not bias eh?)
  • Pwindang, my friend, has published her compositions in this issue.
  • My classmate ayachan also published her works here.
  • My co-Kalasag Alfredo published his "Man on an orange post"
  • Most of the graphic artists in this issue are from my batch (engineering)
  • I was one of the few who first grabbed a copy of this year's issue
I felt bad for Henelsie who was one of those people who kept on asking me of the book's release. Her poem, which she won't tell me, got positive responses from her Palanca Awardee critiques. It was a loss for Atenews that they have not published my friend's composition. (though I have not seen it yet). It's their loss nelsie (and yours too! *giggle*).

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Basketbolista said...

Pare, nice to know atenean ka pala. .

Im an atenean too! Xavier university sa Cagayan de Oro. Ive met some of ADDU basketball team when they came to the campus for JIG. Jesuit Invitationals.

Goodluck sa graduation bai!

Next year pako graduate. Hopefully din.hehe

Daan ka ulit sa blog ko.
Maybe ma urge ka mag join sa network ko. ;)


Makoy said...

ei thanks po for visiting my blog at sa greeting sa aking 1st yr anniversary in blogging. thanks ulit!

Jehzeel Laurente said...

hehehe wow.. sa usep di ganyan.. super cheap kasi.. basta state u.. nyehehehe.. ^__^ naka fold lang nga na papel pwede pa ilagay sa bulsa.. hehehehe.. ^_^

Jehzeel Laurente said...

waaaaaaaaaaaa sa poll mo puro NO ang sagot.. wala lang.. NO din sagot ko eh.. bwahehehe

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