Jul 8, 2007

My laptop's power cord is broken

I have lots of stuff to do on my computer but I can't do it now. My laptop's power cord is broken since last Friday. I used it to make a report on Thursday evening but when I used it in school, it's broken. It won't charge. The adapter still works fine with Kim's power cord. I tried looking for a spare from the computer stores here but they are out of stock. Even Computer World where I bought my power cord has now available stocks.

I'll try my luck again tomorrow.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

hayyyy.... wawa naman si winzy.. wala ulit powercord.. dati nawala.. ngayon sira.. hehe ^_^

aryo said...

Ganun? Sayang. Papaboto pa naman sana ako sa blog of the week ni composed gentleman at www.salaswildthoughts.blogspot.com. he he

Jhed said...

Awww. Sana maayos mo agad ang laptop mo.

Andrew said...

Ano brand and model ng laptop mo? My cousin's Dell had the same problem, but she was more unlucky coz not only her battery was broken, her motherboard got fried. Good thing Dell USA replaced it for free. I spilled water on my laptop once.. but that's just me being stupid.

Ang Lolo Niyo said...

Good luck sa power cord hunting!

Batang Yagit said...

Yehey! May laptop power cord na ako. Back to blogging na naman.

@andrew: mine is acer aspire 3683. ok na sya ngayon. My classmate spare me her old adapter power cord (from an old compaq laptop).

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