Jul 11, 2007

Using mobile phone to view MS Power Point, works with any model

I've been digging the net of applications that I can use for viewing Microsoft Power Point presentations on my K608i . Some of my teachers provide us with power point presentations for handouts. I'm having problem in viewing this files from my phone since I don't have the necessary application needed. Printing the file would cost me a lot. Viewing it from my laptop is not that convenient either.

A couple of days ago, I realized how stupid I am not to learn it earlier before. I've been searching the internet for solutions. I did not realize that the solution in in Microsoft Power Point itself.

How does it work?

Simple. Microsoft Power Point has this option of saving the presentation into a JPEG File for every slide. Since most colored phones now can accommodate JPEG with less than 1 Mega-pixel dimension, it is very feasible to use this technique in viewing power point presentations. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open the MS Power Point file.
  2. Click on File > Save As and change the file type to JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *jpe)
  3. Create a bluetooth connection to transfer the saved slides (jpegs) into your phone
  4. Open the image files from the phone
  5. Use horizontally oriented full screen mode to view and browse the slides.

Now you may view your presentations on the go. I use this to study my lessons in the jeepney while on my way to school.

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