Jul 11, 2007

Trio Loco

Kala nyo sa real life lang may obligation? Meron din niyan sa blogging. Eto yung mga taong pinipilit kang gumawa ng meme kahit na ayaw mo. Kaya Jehz, eto yung sagot ko sa tag mo.

Three Things That Scares Me

  1. Being left in a strange place
  2. Falling from a high place
  3. Alone and blind
Three People Who Make Me Laugh
  1. Jemme
  2. Cris
  3. Matet
Three Things I Love
  1. Electronics
  2. Computers
  3. Internet
Three Things I Hate
  1. Pusa
  2. Makukulit na sales lady
  3. Mabahong katabi sa jeep
Three Things I Don’t Understand
  1. Engr. Banluta
  2. Ang mga taong nagsulat sa mga article ng Philo 106 book namin
  3. Mga joke ni Red
Three Things On My Desk
  1. Laptop
  2. Desktop Lamp
  3. Cell Phone(s)
Three Things I Am Doing Right Now
  1. Blogging
  2. Programming my Microcontroller
  3. Listening to MP3s
Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die
  1. Crack pentagon's security system
  2. Produce a record
  3. kumain ng choknut
Three Things I Can Do
  1. PHP Applications
  2. Design an automated system
  3. Type while talking on phone
Three Things I Can’t Do
  1. I don't get enough sleep
  2. I can't dance in a disco bar
  3. I can’t keep my eyes from staring people
Three Things I Think You Should Listen To
  1. Yourself
  2. Parents
  3. Friends
Three Things You Should Never Listen To
  1. AM Radio Commentaries
  2. GMA
  3. Scammers
Three Things I Would Like To Learn
  1. Designing a robot nueral system
  2. What people are thinking
  3. How to play the violin and piano

Three Favorite Foods
  1. Dimsums
  2. Kare-kare
  3. Californian Maki (coated with lobster eggs)

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid
  1. Looney Toons Bugs Bunny Show
  2. Sineskwela
  3. Batibot

I'm done. So who's next?

1 comment:

Blogie said...

tama ka dyan tungkol sa obligasyon! *buntung-hininga*

haba naman nitong meme na 'to...

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