Jan 30, 2008

Moving out to wordpress or not

I have been contemplating on moving out to a new blog platform this last few weeks. I already asked Jehz and a couple of bloggers if I should or should not move to a new platform. My desires of leaving blogger for a newer platform increases everyday. I find a lot of needs which my existing platform can not provide.

I'm eyeing on migrating my BatangYagit.com to wordpress. Most of my non-blogger blogs are using Wordpress. I find wordpress more robust as compared to Blogger. Back-end design is also easier using wordpress, so as front-end design and blog aesthetics.

The cons of moving to wordpress are the following:

  • It needs more maintenance. I have to make sure that my blog uses the most up-to-date version of wordpress. And sometimes, upgrading is a pain in the neck specially on a major version change.
  • High risk of losing traffic. Since I'll be moving out to a new platform, there is a risk of losing traffic since the URL of my posts will be changed. A large number of my previous posts are optimized for search engine traffic.
  • Paid bandwidth. Since it is self hosted, I'd be spending money for my bandwidth. My blog will have limited amount of resources. There is no assurance that my blog will be up forever.
  • Need for a hosting provider. I have an existing web host but I don't think it can manage to have another load of traffic. My idea is to get a new hosting account from Gossimer.com. I've been looking into their services and find them ok. They have a few selection of hosting plans I can choose from. I'm deciding if I'd go for their Starter Plan or go big time with their Business Plan.
Up 'til now, I haven't decided yet. I'm still on the process of thinking whether my advantages outweighs the cons that I have mentioned.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

haahaha! Gossimer daw oh :D hihihih..

yeah! Gossimer is ahmmm.. astigG! hahaha!

p.s.: huwag ka na mag wordpress! stick to blogger! as ate aileen stressed :P

Ria Jose said...

I think you can structure your WordPress permalinks same way as your blogger permalinks as now.

ALSO, when you transfer to Wordpress... you can give me the editorial access I need. :)

Mikko said...

Ate Ria's right. Pwede namang ichange ang permalink structure ng WordPress.

Tas kung ayaw mo na ganun ang permalink structure, pwede ka gumamit ng Permalink Migration Wordpress plug-in. :D

Waaaa! Kuya Jehz, sa Blogger talaga ang loyalty mo! :D

Aice Nice Concepts said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kirbitz said...

Wins! im having the same dilemma as you! Im thinking about importing my kirbitz to my new wordpress blog which is up until now, on construction pa! hehe

Help me out!

What i dont understand is that, super mas nadadalian ako sa blogger than wordpress. I dont know why. tsk!

yatot said...

waaaaahhh... just think of the bandwidth alone... you dont have to pay a lot with bandwidths... i am also thinking of having a wordpress domain.. but then again... i have not much resources... i dont know how to maintain a wordpress blog... eh ayus naman ung blogger a... so i am sticking to it! ung leaving comment nga lang ang problema pero the rest is okay nman!

Ambo said...

I agree with yatot at sa lahat ng comments here. Madami namang murang hosting na for sure kaya ng bulsa. For me mas madaling gamitin ang WP, madaming plugins na magagamit at useful naman talaga.

Ok lang din nga blogger, dati din ako sa blogger kasi. Pwera lang sa comment section where some people find it difficult to use. not so user friendly nga daw. Kaya experience ko sa blogger, bihira ang nagko comment. Nung lumipat ako ng WP, naku hayan dumami.

If i were you, Wordpress na ako. :-)

glennster said...

I would suggest that you go for wordpress. you can add a lot of plugins and total control over the apps.

Jehzeel Laurente said...

darating ang araw na mag dodown palagi ang batang yagit.. because kulang sa bandwidth.. at kelangan ilipat sa VPS :)

Why pay for the bandwidth when you can get it for free?? ?:D

Allen said...

Wordpress na!!! hehe :P Your current permalink structure can be done in wordpress so in terms of google love, you won't lose any. :)

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