May 14, 2007

Bata casts his vote

Ginampanan ko ang aking tungkulin bilang isang mabuting mamamayan ng bansang Pilipinas.

Weeee! I casted my first vote this morning. My grandma woke me early this morning. I didn't had breakfast, so after having a bath and changing clothes, we went to the school near our subdivision. It was just a tricyle ride from here. I was lucky cause last week, when the Commission on Election posted the precinct list, they have verified the polling precinct where I will be voting. I had to queue into line since the room can only accommodate around 12 people a time. It didn't took me long to wait. I entered the room and they asked for my number (my precinct number and my number on the list). I signed a paper and pressed a thumbmark just bellow my sig. I went to the seat not too far from the front desk. It took me around 5 minutes to finish my first election ballot. I took me a while to vote for a party list. I was having second thoughts on giving a vote for the party list of my high school classmate (*because of that pain in the neck chewable*). Since my family is in the coconut industry, so i opted for the party who deals with coconut economy issues. After doing my ballot, i headed for the person in charge of the ballot box. At first, I thought of having a picture of myself dropping the ballot in the ballot box. But I guess it's a bit embarrassing. Specially when a lot of people on queue are waiting for you to leave the room. So after the in-charge dropped the ballot (i was still hoping that i'd be the one who will drop the ballot), he placed an "indelible***" ink on my finger. I didn't wait for my family to finish. I just headed home. heheheh.

*** indelible ink story :

in·del·i·ble [in-del-uh-buhl] –adjective
1.making marks that cannot be erased, removed, or the like: indelible ink.
2.that cannot be eliminated, forgotten, changed, or the like: the indelible memories of war; the indelible influence of a great teacher.

They say indelible inks can't be removed for weeks. Huh? Mine just got off when i washed my finger with tap water. I scrubbed it with a towel from our fridge and most of the ink went off. The only ones left were those underneath my nail. I can vote again! yes I Can! hahahah!


Jehzeel Laurente said...

it was a fake indelible ink wins.. wahehehe ^_^ wala pambili ang comelec, tighirap eh ^_^

the philosphical bastard said...

you should've tried voting again... kidding! :)

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