May 28, 2007

Bata goes to Manila (Part 1)

The press that would print this year's publication invited us to make an ocular check on their facilities in Sta. Ana, Manila. Ate Shiela, the press' marketing employee who handle's Kalasag's account made the necessary arrangements for the trip. This would be the nth time which I would visit the capital. I've been there a lot of times since I was in high school. Anyway, here are few of the things I did during the first day of the trip.

  • I packed my clothes the morning before we will leave for Manila. Everything is not done yet and I'm still in front of my computer doing internet stuff. I'm confident that I would be done packing before lunch time. (which I did)
  • After doing all the necessary preparations, I left home around 12noon and headed for Ateneo. The flight schedule is 2:30 so We should be at the airport 2 hours before that scheduled time. At this point, the tickets are not yet claimed from PAL's ticketing office. So while waiting for the other people, I asked Kim to go with me to the mall.
  • I bought a blue jacket from Bench which i thought might come handy during our trip.
  • After we left the mall, we headed back to the office to get our stuff before going to the airport
  • Macoy's group went ahead of us to get the ticket from the office. Since it's already late (after waiting a long time for the ticket and mac was not yet done rebooking some return flights), I decided to check-in the rest of the group.
  • We signed some survey forms (Courtesy of Intet) regarding the airport services and facilities.
  • Did some photo ops before embarking the aircraft.

    (2:15 p.m.)

  • We arrived at the NAIA Terminal 2 at around 4 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, something bad came up. We discovered that mac's bag was missing. Mac went berserk and everyone was nervous. (Not to mention the stomach sickness cris was experiencing). Since the bag couldn't be found, we asked the airport authorities to check Davao and call us if the luggage was indeed left in the airport.
  • We headed to the Cover and Pages compound in Silang Street in Sta.Ana, Manila.
  • After meeting the owner and his wife, we headed to our rooms and left our bags so we can have dinner.
  • We had our dinner at the Nanbantei of Tokyo located at the third floor in Greenbelt 3 in Makati. The food was great and so was the place.
  • After dinner, we headed to Ice Berg, a dessert and ice cream restaurant, just a couple of blocks away from Greenbelt3 where we had our dessert.
  • I met with Jehzeel who happened to be around the area stalking me. (Just kidding jehz)
  • We went back to the press' place to get some rest.
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Jehzeel Laurente said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaa stalk ka dyan!!! hmmmp! hehehehehe!

christian said...

whoa! Talagang nag-mall ka pa hu? Lol.

Er, did you find your friend's bag? Lol, akala ko nung una ay laptop ang nawawala, "mac" kasi. Haha.

Batang Yagit said...

@christian : heheheh... we secured the laptop. Materials lang and some clothes ang laman ng nawawalang bag. Yep we found the bag. PAL brought the bag to manila on their 7pm flight from Davao. Thanks to PAL.

ice9web said...

hi na link na kita ... link mo ako ha :) salamat

Batang Yagit said...

thanks ice. :D nalink na rin kita

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