May 11, 2007

A perfect blogging partner

Guess nyo san ako kumain? hmmm...

I had dinner at Copa Bossa in front of SM City Davao. Tuna Sandwich paired with a can of Coke. hmmm... perfect combo to while doing my blog thingy.

Mabilis yung internet connection nila. Konti lang ang tao. (kaya siguro mabilis). Tas masarap din ang food. Hehehe.. Try nyo to visit the place. Papasok sya so you won't notice the place from the outside. May naka-paskin na sign sa labas so getting lost is not a prob. Average din yung price nila.

One thing learned, pag-umiinom ng iced mocha. Mas masarap ang nasa ilalim na part kaysa ibabaw. Right kuya nites?

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Batang Yagit said...

yum yum

andie said...

Hmmm... might try it sometime... Gaga! Ako man diay nang kauban nimo sa imong photo... gwapa ko noh?

jejeje... angal na, kay sus!

Blogie said...

thanks for writing about my friends' coffee shop! :)

btw, i've received your request to have your blog feeds included in the Davao Blogspace. i will include it presently. also, you can submit your blog to the Davao Blogs Directory.

Milton Chai said...


Makan makan!

Batang Yagit said...

Thanks sir blogie. :D Yeah, i saw it from the blogspace. :D

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