May 22, 2007

SMS Gateway, the Bata Edition

The SMS Gateway I made using JAVA, MySQL and PHP.

Kuya Dennis had me buy a bluetooth dongle yesterday which means that I have to continue working on my SMS Project. I started working on it last night. I used HyperTerminal first to try some AT Commands available for my Sony Ericsson K608i. I used the bluetooth service to create a virtual serial communications port on COM5. After issuing AT Commands into my phone, I decided to start working on the real application which would handle the AT Commands and other commands to be issued on external server connections.

I used the javax.comm library for Windows from Sun Micro. It's a JAVA Extension which handles communications on serial devices. I also used the mysql extension for Java. When my phone receives an SMS, the program I made sends an AT Command to check the newly arrived message and parses it into readable form. The decoded message is queried into a MySQL statement and executed. The sql is executed in an external server connection from my laptop to an internet host. I tried using my own server but it won't work. It takes time before the program gives a response and it always fail. So I tried using the host which Kuya Dennis provided me for the project which worked well except that it disconnects after hours of idle time.
So that's all folks. I'm almost done with my work. I'm done with the core. All I have to do now is do some editing to polish some flaws on my application. Heheheh...

I might use this on my next Smart SWEEP Entry. hehhehe


Mark said...

Hello BY,

Would you be willing to demonstrate this project of your in one of the DabaweGNU L&K sessions? This might catch the interest of some members.

Batang Yagit said...

If you are interested sir, you may ask permission from kuya Dennis Agulo. It's his project. I am not authorized to disclose further information regarding this project.

enrico dee said...


cool project mo ha!

im planning to go to DVO, hopefully we cud meet there.



Batang Yagit said...

Thank you po. Ü

Jehzeel Laurente said...

hahahaha amf pamati nasad si winston ohhh! weeeeeeeeee!! ako sad:

Wow! Cool stuff you got in here! Can I buy it for $1000.00 or any amount that you want.. maybe $2000.00 or more! Can we talk today, or tomorrow perhaps? I'm really interested to have a copy of your SMS gateway. Please text me here 09283155864 and let's make a deal..

Gracias! ^__~


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