Dec 16, 2007

My Music

Last week, Ate Aileen tagged me for the Naked Meme: What's on Your iPod? of Kuya Jayvee (A Bugged Life)

The meme goes this way

Take a screen shot of either your Top 25 Most Played / 25 Recently Played / Top Rated songs on your music device.

2. Post them on your blog and explain yourself.

3. Copy these instructions and tag 6 audiophiles to do the same thing.

So here is my response to that meme.

Now, to explain my self...

Most of the songs on top of the list are upbeat songs. I used to play these songs when I'm having workouts.

Jack Johnson - I like most of his music.
Jed Madela - OMP na pampatulog
The Fray - My favorite song's How To Save A Life did not make it on the list T__T

So to end this meme, I'm tagging Richard, Conrad, Mark, Aethen, Ate Hunee, and Kim

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Batang Yagit

1 comment:

Hunee's Blog said...

Winston!!! Hehehehe....sige post ko mamaya sa blog ko..thank you sa tag

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