Dec 31, 2007

The Top 100 Mindanao Blogs

Several bloggers in Manila have published their own versions of the top blogs in the Philippines. Most of them are using blog juice as a basis for ranking the blogs. While talking over coffee with Ate Ria ( and Kuya Blogie (, we came up with the idea of making a list for Mindanao bloggers. Since we have a reliable source of registered blogs in Mindanao, we thought of using it as reference in determining whose blogs are qualified for the list.

Yesterday, I started working on the idea on how to rank the blogs.

  1. Use Blog Juice - the idea seems to be good since TLA has this application which can calculate the blog's blog juice. The bottom line, you have to input each blog url and set its category in order to get its blog juice.

  2. Use Ratified Rank - uses PR, Technorati and Feedburner data to rank the top 100 blogs in the Philippines. is updated everyday and keeps a fresh record of the blog's statistics. The catch, not all mindanao blogs use ratified. Second, most of the blogs listed on the top100 blogs are from Luzon. Lastly, Kuya Andrew (the owner of is in Bohol for his family reunion.

  3. Use a new ranking system - This is the final option left for me, to create a new ranking system for the top 100 blogs. The idea seems to be difficult at first but I was able to plan my algorithm. I can utilize technorati and feedburner APIs to get the blogs popularity (rank and subscribers). I created an application which runs through the list from Mindanao Bloggers Directory and sends out queries to technorati and feedburner. The formula I used is this: 40% for feedburner, 55% for technorati unique blog links, 5% for total technorati links.
The list is available at Mindanao Bloggers. Congratulations to those who made it in the top 100.

I'm planning on doing a resume service for next year. It seems like a good project.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

congrats sa top 100 mindanao blogs! wiheeeeeeeeeeee!

Andrew said...

Nice list Winston. Remember what we talked about? I'll put that on my to-do list for 2008.

@Jehzz: wiheeeee ka rin!

lady said...

congrats to you.. im included in the list too.. yeheey!

Ria Jose said...

6 of my 11 are on the list. YEY! WEEE! Ang kulit... HAHA!

ayel said...

tenks nakapasok ako kahit wla pa kong feedburner nun. :) tenks, many tenks...

Stentorized said...

Hi Winston,

Thank you so much for the effort
of creating that list.

Congrats and More Power to you!

God Bless!

Dingexx said...

Aheheh...woowww..congrats sa mga blogs na nabibilang sa TOP 100..Actually 2 out of my 3 blogs ay nakasama..Tsalamat po sa inyo..More Power po sa inyo..

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