Dec 2, 2007

How to open an online store.

The term e-commerce has never been new to most of us. We've been hearing this term since the day we got used to the internet. E-commerce is defined as the buying, selling and exchange of goods and services through a computer network such as the internet. Examples of popular e-commerce websites are eBay and Amazon for the international market. We also have Davao Sales and Davao Exchange here in Davao City.

But a lot of us are seeking for opportunities in the internet. We apply to a lot of programs which offers quick way to earn money. But how much effort we exert, we can't match up with the earnings these e-commerce websites get from their business. Thus, the idea of putting up our own e-commerce websites comes into our minds. But how do we start an e-commerce website?

First, an e-commerce website would generally need a shopping cart software installed. Ashop Commerce is an example of a software which gives your website the ecommerce software gurantees 99.98% uptime and back-ups on a daily basis. This ensures the continuous productivity of your online shop.

Second, do a marketing for your online store. Tell your friends and plan how you could drive people to visit your site. The more visitors you have, the more chances that you will get profit. You can turn your online presence to profit.

The success of the online store primarily depends on how you manage your shop. Like in real world, you need to do things as efficient as they could possibly be. The answer lies on what type of software you use for your shop. A little investment might turn up later as a big money maker.


faust said...

hello i apologize for posting it here nowhere to find help.. please help if applicable, anyways how could we set a static url/s like this one?,com_contact/Itemid,3/ im using joomla 1.013 the site's urls are laced up with content id's that are not seo friendly.. KUDOS to you dude.. joomla fanatic ka bai??? hehehe

Batang Yagit said...

ow..that one sir. hehehe.. it's in the settings part of your joomla admin.

check the SITE > Global Configuration > SEO > set to Yes the Search Engine Friendly URLs Option. you might need to replace the old .htaccess of your root directory to the htaccess.txt provided by joomla.

hmmm....if ur running on a windows machine, i think it won't work that way. it only works on apache installed on a linux box.

i'm not a joomla fanatic. i created a cms for that site before but it lacks functionality. also, it's not practical anymore...specially in managing the site's contents. i thought it'd be better if i switch to joomla. :) that's just one of the three joomla sites that i manage.

faust said...

im running a window server 2003 machine. but the browser says page cannot be found..

Batang Yagit said...

just as i thought. hehehehe. it won't work with microsoft. hehhe. it uses mod_rewrite which is not available with apache for microsoft. hehehe. said...

Winston... Good eve! Is it safe to give my credit card number sa PAYPAL?

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