Dec 9, 2007

Night outs with Miss Google Earth Philippines

We've been hanging out with Ate Aileen Apolo, Google Country Consultant, for the past two nights. Last night, after her talk at MSITE in NCCC Mall, we went to Fwendz Diner for Kuya Tope's IT Party. Kuya Migs, Kuya Blogie, Kuya Rodney and Kuya Jun, were among those who went with us during the night. We were also able to meet Ted Padova, an Adobe Acrobat specialist and writer, at Fwendz.

Though there were only few IT Professionals present at the venue, a lot of students from UIC and Ateneo responded Kuya Tupe's invitation. One of the highlights of the IT party was the selection of a shirt design for Silicon Gulf.

A blogger girl approached Ate Aileen and asked to take a picture with her. Sikat. Ate Aileen and Kuya Migs also made a little video on the Quesadilla Ate Aileen was eating.

After the food and talks at Fwendz diner, we went to Pops Resto Bar for the Nokia Xpress Music product launch for Nokia 5310 (I might right a review of nokia 5310 at tech-o-rati). The music and the DJ were cool. We took a few photos but never really enjoyed the party (maybe because at this time, we were already sleepy). The drinks were free. But since it's a party sponsored by Nokia, the visit was worth it.

To neutralize some of the alcohol we had, we went to Basti's Brew to have some coffee. We didn't stay long. We exchanged some photos before we left for home.

Second Night

Tonight, after I had my meeting at Cups and Lowercase, I tried to catch Kuya Blogie, Kuya Migs and Ate Aileen who were already at Studio Onnie in Torres. The night was fun. Kuya Blogie insisted that all of us should sing. I had a duet with Ate Aileen. Kuya Blogie sang his Sana'y Wala ng Wakas and Kuya Migs with his I'll Be. Kuya Andrew did not sing (KJ?).

Right after SO, we went to see the Statue of David. We only took some pictures, stayed for a while and eventually left.

Then we went to the City Hall to see the Christmas decorations and lights. One thing I noticed about Ate Aileen is her addiction with lamps. Even though how tipsy she was, she tried to capture a shot from her digital camera of the lamps in the places we've been. She seems good in what she's doing (lamp photography).

One of the lamp pictures Ate Aileen took.

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Batang Yagit


gwing said...

oooh, lingaw lagi! inggit..

Buddy Migs said...

Ehem.. unang post si bloggwing..

kuya thonz.. kagabi ay nasaksihan naman ang isang kahindik hindik at kagilagilalas (napakal lalim na tagalog) na pangyayari..

May itinatago ka palang talento sa pagkanta..


Batang Yagit said...

@ate gwing: oo nga, bakit wala ka?

@kuya migs: kuya naman.. di ko nga maabot2x yung kinakanta ko.

Jehzeel Laurente said...

hahahaha sana andyan dni ako waaaaaaaaaaa

ara said...

"A blogger girl approached Ate Aileen and asked to take a picture with her"

heheh... idol ko talaga si Ms. Aileen.. Dream come true.. hehehe...

ara said...

April here:

Batang Yagit said...

@ara: hheheheh. yeah. idol talaga si ate aileen. ako nga eh, na-Google-struck. hehehhee

Jehzeel Laurente said...

wins.,.. tanong lang.. para san yung dextrose? :P

Batang Yagit said...

@jehzeel: ahhh yung dextrose? hmmm..pampalakas yan ng loob. hahahaha. pinahiram nila sa akin.

drew said...

Me? KJ? Amf, di pa naglink sa akin. I think I was just sober enough to not sing. XD

drahcir said...


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