Oct 8, 2007

How to maximize the use of your Casio 991MS Calculator

As engineering students, part of our i-use-everyday-stuff is the calculator. You'd surely fail if you don't have one. But sometimes, getting bored in class is inevitable. One must find ways to dig some fun during classes.

We have deviced several tricks how you could maximize the use of your Casio 991MS calculator in a fun way.

The Number Game

You can use the Random Number feature of the calculator to generate random number. By multiplying the random number by 10 and setting FIX parameter to 0, we can get a single-digit whole number which we can use for a number guessing game.

You can increase the number of output digits by increasing the number of zeros in the multiplier.

The Betting Game

Ohhh.. this one's not good but we're looking at it as a possibility. You can use the technique I mentioned above and do some slight modifications. Let's say, the person who get a bigger output gets the pot.

Hahaha. nah! You can't possibly do this while having classes.

The Fastest Finger

This game test which person has the fastest key-press speed. The person with most key press made wins. The number of key press made is determined by the counter (answer).

This can be done by first pressing 0 and the = keys. Next is to enter Ans + 1. To start the game, the users should continuously press the = sign until the alloted time is up.

For Messaging

Since talking in class or using the mobile phone is prohibited, why not use your calculator?

You can use the symbols, constants, formulas, and functions innate on your calculator to form words and phrases which you could pass on your seat mate. Hehehe.. it's very useful in those boring moments.

These are just some of the calculator tricks we know. If you can share a new one, please leave a comment. Let's make dull moments fun.

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Batang Yagi


jehzlau said...

hahahha! interesting post... :D too bad i lost my calculator... :( and even if I have it right now.. I still can't perform ur tricks.. because it's not a Casio 991MS.. (neither a model similar to it). I think mine is one of the oldest casio calculators out there that can only display up to 9 digits.. bwahahaha :P

Ahmmm.. about sending a message using a calculator.. Have u tried the old school method of sending a message during class? Like ahmm.. writing a message in a piece of paper, and roll it to your ballpen ink container, insert the ink container inside your ballpen, then pass it to your seat mate! :P


ria said...

I have a similar Casio calculator. Way back in high school, we used the random number function for pen and paper RPG games. And we did have fastest key presser contests. LOL!

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