Oct 22, 2007

Wohoo! I now have my SmartBroken internet connection restored

After getting through a lot of hassles in restoring my internet connection, SmartBro finally fixed it.

My internet connection got disconnected sometime last week. I had to pay a few thousand to get my internet connection restored. (Just an advice, don't skip your payments cause it would get you into trouble). I missed a couple of internet bills which later accumulated and made Smart cut my subscription. The missed internet bills were during my Manila trip last May and my school retreat last September.

Last week, I went to SMART Wireless Center in Gaisano Mall to pay my subscription fees. I got pissed on how the people in SMART treated me. First, the "Arrogant Guard" didn't give the queue number immediately. Since their queuing system is broken, the "Arrogant Guard" had to manually assign a priority number. The "Arrogant Guard" is supposed to answer queries and inquiries before the client proceeds to customer care or cashier, but the "Arrogant Guard" was not able to this because the "Arrogant Guard" has to attend the "Stupid Assistant" first. The "Stupid Assistant", who is supposed to assist the "Arrogant Guard" in serving the clients, was having trouble in operating the payment kiosk of SMART. So I waited for a while for the "Arrogant Guard" to finish helping the "Stupid Assistant" before I got my priority number.

I was advised to queue for the customer care because I need my account to be verified before I can proceed to the cashier. But before I can pay to the cashier, I had to ask for another queue number from the "Arrogant Guard". The "Arrogant Guard" insisted that I should pay my money to their payment kiosk. I was hesitant after I saw what happened a while ago. So I told the "Arrogant Guard" that I need to pay the money directly to the cashier so it can be posted immediately. So the "Arrogant Guard" gave me a new queue number for the cashier.

I was standing near the "Arrogant Guard"'s position because all of the seats were already occupied. I waited for a couple of minutes when the "Arrogant Guard" suddenly talked to me. He told me to go straight to the cashier since it's already my turn. So I deliberately obliged to what he instructed me. When I reached the money and queue number to the cashier, the cashier told me, "Sir, mamaya pa po yung number nyo.".

Grrr...I can feel my blood boiling in anger. Damn that "Arrogant Guard". Damn him. I had to back off to let the other person, who happened to be ahead of me, to pay.

After paying, I didn't even dare to look at the "Arrogant Guard's" direction. Damn him.

o O o

After I made the payment, I immediately went home to check if the payment was indeed posted in SMART's system. I was disappointed to see that my LAN Card won't detect any connection. I checked the power adapter for my Canopy Adapter, checked the LAN Connections, yet, nothing worked. The message "A network cable is unplugged" still flashes at the bottom right side of my screen. I immediately called SMART Hotline to fix the problem. Their conclusion, damaged LAN Cable. They told me they'd call the next day to schedule a contractor to visit my home and fix the problem.

I waited, yet no one called. I called SMART again and told them that I will wait until evening so they could make a schedule before Monday. I waited, still no one came.

Yesterday, while I was enjoying my meal at McDonalds in SM, I received an SMS from an unknown person. It says, "Hi sir/maam. Saan po banda ang bahay nyo? SmartBRO po ito".

I asked them if they were coming because I waited for their call. The next message I received, they were already in front of my house. I had to rush back home to catch them but they sent another SMS saying they are leaving for Toril to serve another client and they'll come back later in the afternoon.

They did not show up yesterday because it rained. They said they'd come back the next day.

o O o

They had my internet fixed this morning. I had to pay an extra 200 pesos for the replacement of the iron tube where the antenna is attached. They said they can't get enough signal so they had to extend the height of the antenna. My internet connection is fixed now. Got to blog some more. I missed a lot from the few days of absence.

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Batang Yagit


the ilocano blogger said...

magandang gabi po! bumibisita po sa mga fellow nominees.. ^_^

jehzlau said...

hehehehe uy binisita ka ni ilocano blogger! :P hehehe.. congrats! sa wakas may net ka na rin!!! ^_^

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