Oct 18, 2007

My First Formal Job Interview

What a life indeed.

I missed yesterday's PAL Job interview. Though I'm not much interested in working with Philippine Airlines, I still regret missing my first job interview experience. But in every cloud, there's always a silver lining. I learned from my classmate that another company is coming to conduct another job interview for the graduating students. At least I can still get my nerves high.

I rushed back to home after we brought the project to school. I immediately sent an inquiring to our division chairperson, asking what outfit should we wear. Formal or business attire, sh*t.

I had to wear (again) that old business outfit that was stored for ages inside my closet. By the sound of my previous statement, I do not have an enthusiasm for wearing formal outfit. Anything with colar and long sleeves does not drive my appetite for clothing.

The interview was scheduled at 1:30pm. It was almost 12 noon and I can't find a belt to wear. I had to rush to the mall to buy a new one. I also had my lunch at Kenny's which is the nearest restaurant from the mall's department store.

After eating and buying the stuff I needed, I went back to school. OMG, I forgot to bring my resume (or I just didn't had the time to print one). I had to talk to the HR lady and tell her that I was only informed in the morning and I have not prepared anything. But thanks to her goodness that she let me do the resume while I wait for my turn to be interviewed. That was not a good impression for the employer's view though.

The new company is Souhatsu which is an automotive part supplier. It's a Japanese owned company which is based in Cebu City. Some parts of the car are manufactured by Souhatsu. They also have the latest ISO/TQ Certification which makes their company globally competitive. Most of their clients are coming from United States, Europe, Japan and some parts of Asia.

One part before the interview is the written exam. The topics in the exam were assorted. The early part of the exam had something to do with Engineering Management and Statistics. The two subjects which I didn't take seriously. The math part was easy. The analogy part was annoying because I didn't understand some of the words used. Most of these words are in the deepest sections of the dictionary. I guess I need to improve my vocabulary.

During the interview, I got a bit nervous. It's my first experience in getting interviwed for a prospect career for my future. The interview went well. From the looks of it, I can see that the Japanese emplyers are looking for a Supervisor which can work in the Cebu production plant. Getting a supervisory job in a Japanese owned company is a good start.

I'm not hoping of being hired by their company because I am not interested in the automotive manufacturing field. But if I'd be lucky enough to be chosen, I would still be very glad. At least there's a group of people who trust my knowledge and capabilities. I'm excited for another job interview. I wonder how it would go.

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Batang Yagit


Beejing said...

Congrats, dude. Hope you get the best out of that experience. If you'd get the job. Punta ka dito cebu then hang out tayo! ahahaha!

I almost forgot. My link/url on your site is still pointed to my old WP blog, hope you can update it when you have the time. Ciao.

kirbitz said...

GoGoGo Batyags!

Kaya mo yan bro! MAg barong ka nlan next time. Mas appropriate pa. lol!

Goodluck with your next interview. ;)

Jehzeel Laurente said...

naks naman hanep.. alam mo.. kahit hindi ka na e interview.. kung alam lang nila anong laman ng kukote mo... pasok ka na agad! :P

kaw pa! isa ka sa pinaka #%#$%^$#^ sa buong mundo.. hehehe di ko na sasabihin baka ma flatter ka.. hahaha! :P

yatot said...

wow! an interview! I had several interviews before... and the one I got in is the one I am really interested in! it's not because i did not pass the test or the interview of some sort... but because i was not in the mood for an interview with the company that i am not interested in...

parang... nagpupunta lang ako sa mga interviews ko dahil gusto ko lng talagang magkaroon ng work before... like anything... pero nung naisip ko... gusto ko ba talaga ng work na ito... i really lost interest...

buti na lng i was enthusiastic when i was interviewed by my supervisor.. siguro kasi gusto ko itong work na ito! i am in a publication company!

attend interviews that fits your taste and qualifications! because in the end, ikaw din ang makikinabang dyan... :) just a piece of thought... lols... masyadong serious!

Batang Yagit said...

@beejing : hmmm.. i might have my review in cebu but working in cebu won't work for me. hehehe. i don't like cebu that much. i still love Davao (a lot)

@kirbitz: next time, pag-google pilipinas mag-iinterview sa akin, i might wear barong. hehehe

@jehz: hahaha. lol.

@yatot: yeah, I agree. There's nothing more fulfilling than getting your dream job. Thanks for the advice.

Allen said...

Hmm I would suggest that you only go to interviews on companies that you are most likely to work for. hehe But, you can also go to other companies just to get experience on how to answer their questions, the questions they ask usually are just similar. ^_^

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