Oct 27, 2007

Too much traffic on my new domain

A couple of days ago, Jehzeel and I launched PRC Board Exam Results. It's a web archive intended to provide recent results board exam results published by the Professional Regulation Commission. Since then, we've been doing serious campaigns and SEOs for the site.

Yesterday, the PRC released the LET August 2007 results. My english teacher friend woke me early in the morning just to announce that the results are already released. I immediately jumped to my computer to make posts.

An hour after I made my posts, the website experienced problems. Some users receive an Internal Server Error message. Sometimes, the wordpress loses its connection to the MySQL Server. We were able to fix the problem when we divided the results into several pages. It reduced the server's load.

When I checked the traffic in the evening, the site statistics showed that my site received 20,000 page views on that day. Wow. That's the highest traffic I received for a single day statistic.

SELaplana, another site which posts board exam results, even crashed because of the huge traffic.

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Batang Yagit


Jehzeel Laurente said...

syempre sikat eh.. kaya ma traffic :D

janus said...

wer do u check yer blog traffic?

hehe. loser ako eh... hehe

nice imong blog dude! :)

I guess I was wrong about not going to the mindanao bloggers' summit. tsk tsk

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