Oct 1, 2007

Laong Laan

Few of you might have wondered of the sudden blog identity crisis of BatangYagit.com this afternoon. I changed my profile and title from Batang Yagit to Laong Laan.

A friend, who's making a project for her Mass Communication course, asked me if she could use my blog for her film. The film is about a lonely person named Laong Laan. A part of the film is wherein Laong Laan's friend opened Laong Laan's blog (Batang Yagit's blog). That's the reason behind that I am too much alone in this world post.

Yes, the poem was nice but i'm not in the mood of getting emo. I didn't write the poem either. The author's name was written right after the poem. Hehehhee. There's only one poem I could remember that I wrote for the past 10 years of my life. (It's not that good i think.)

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Batang Yagit


AnitoKid said...

Wow! Good luck! Sikat na talaga ang site mo kabayan! And good luck to your friend, too! Here's hoping that it will be a success! And I kid you not!

yatot said...

nw that explains it! hahahaha... and i thought you're going emo!

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