Oct 1, 2007

Itchy itchy nose

My nose is itching like hell today. I do not know. I think it needs rhinoplasty. Just kiddin. Scratch scratch scartch!

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Batang Yagit


Andrew said...

Rhinoplasty ain't for itchy noses, silly kid! It's for those without noses!! :D

Anonymous said...

hanap lang yan ng bagong scoop...tsismis bah....he he he hehe he hehe he he he he he

Ambo said...

Naku baka naman me mamamatay na intsik hahahaha. Pwera ako. lols. Maybe it's a sign of sinusitis. Pa check mo na yan bro.

Batang Yagit said...

yes, i do have sinusitis. hehehe. i was diagnosed when i was in grade school.

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