Nov 25, 2007

Going to the bundoks of Calinan

Yesterday, we, together with my colleagues in Kalasag, went to Calinan District to attend Kuya Ayan's thanksgiving lunch for passing the November 2007 Electronics Engineering Licensure Examination of the PRC.

Calinan is just one of the few rural districts in Davao City. It's located at the northern part of city. It's about an hour ride from the metro. We took the bus in going to Kuya Ayan's place.

We arrived at our destination just in time for lunch. After having lunch, we went to the hills. It's a few minute walk from their house. The climb up the hill reminded me of our climb in one of the hills in Camiguin during our trip there last summer.

After climbing hills, we went back downtown since we were running out of time for an engagement we are attending.

We arrived downtown around 6p.m and we're already an hour late for our 5p.m. appointment, which is Nemia's debut.

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Batang Yagit


Jehzeel said...

wow nice.. calinan.. sarap dyan :D

Paulo said...

I really love mountain climbing, i once go to Mt. Pulag, and next on my list is MT. Apo. The climate above the mountain is amzingly great... By the way thanks for the add...

minor8 said...

ang sweet :)

julia said...

added u

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