Sep 30, 2007

Buh-bay wrinkles

Injections of botox in San Diego are becoming famous these days. I tried doing a Google search for that phrase and 189,000 results were returned. I have heard of "botox" a lot of times before. It was even used in one of the cartoon shows that I saw (I forgot what it was) where it was called BatOx.

What is Botox?

A neurotoxin which, when used in very low doses, relaxes or temporarily paralyzes the contractive muscles which cause frown lines. Treatment is non-surgical in the form of injections which smooth deep persistent lines between brows or in the forehead. Botox paralyzes facial muscles, while Puragen fills in the space beneath wrinkles. Each acts in a different way, but may be used to complement each other.
Basically, based on how I understand it, botox eliminates unwated wrinkles for aging people. Is is safe for the patient's health? That, I'm not sure.

To learn more, you may check this FAQ.

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