Jan 10, 2008

Ateneo installs Account Information Kiosk

Wow, Ateneo's getting high tech. I just learned this from my colleague this morning. The Ateneo Finance Office installed a touch screen Account Information Kiosk at the Bellarmine Building of the Jacinto Campus.

Now, students can inquire their account balance and payment history from the information kiosk. To go to your account, you must enter the last five numbers of your ID Barcode. The system will also ask for your PIN. The default PIN is the complete set of numbers (excluding the last Alpha character) found in your barcode.

After you have entered the required information, you will be given the options to change your PIN or View your account.

Wow, I guess there will no longer be queues for balance inquiries at Window 7. Thanks Ateneo!

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richard said...

wow! galing... good for all atenista...!

Aldrin said...

...Bay...OT lang...Please pass...salamat

Dear DCHS-DCNHS Graduates,

Our fellow alumna, Capt. Gavino Mercado, Jr., a Davao City High School graduate, PMA Class '99, was lost since Nov. 26, 2007 on a Philippine Air Foce S2-11 aircraft, assigned to recover 26 Filipino crew men's capsized ship.

For more details, please go to http://iam.aldrinred.org/2008/01/saving-capt-mercado.html

Salamat kaayo.

Please pass.

marco said...

wow.... galing nmn ng ateneo!!!

Kim said...

Wow, I'm really astonished. I haven't been to that part of the school lately.

gwing said...

amazing.. ngayon ko lang ito nalaman.. tingnan ko sa monday.. hehe.. :D

swexie said...

good for you guys...

wala yan nung panahon ko! hehehe

fortunately, my siblings are still in ateneo to avail of such facility.. =)

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