Jan 22, 2008

Tips Before You Buy Online

Last December, I bought a few items from e-Bay, a touch screen replacement for a Sony Ericsson P910 Phone and a screen protector for my iPod Video. The items I bought were from a merchant in Hong Kong. Luckily, the transaction was not fraudulent and the items were sent to my house while I was in Manila.

The item was shipped through an ordinary HK Courier service. The merchant did not have a tracking number to track the parcel.

After I got my PayPal and done this online shopping thing, I though it would be a good idea to give tips before you shop online.

Tip 1: Consider buying as an option, not as a mere end.

Think first before you buy then ask your self, "Do I really need to buy this item?". Consider your reasons. If it's indeed a need, then go and get yourself that item. Buy if it's for the sake of "I-want-that-item-because-its-sooo-cute", then save yourself from spending electronic bucks.

Tip 2: Look for a trusted e-commerce site.

So far, I only tried eBay because I know it's high reputation and reliability when it comes to online shopping. You can also try other shops like Amazon, Dixons and PC World. Find or ask reviews from other users who have done online shopping from your desired shop.

Tip 3: Check the merchant's reputation.

For sites like eBay, consumers are given the option to rate the reputation and reliability of the merchant where they bought the item. This ensures the consumers a guarantee of the merchant's reliability.

Tip 4: Know the transaction and payment method..

Learn if the payment and transaction method being used is secured. A lot of phishing sites are out in the internet which tricks users when doing online transactions. So far, I only get to use PayPal and my Visa Electron card and I have not yet encountered any attempts of phishing or other illegal transactions.

Tip 5: Check and compare prices.

It's not enough to know where you can buy your item. You should also learn which seller offers the best price for a certain product. I encountered this website in the internet which is very helpful in locating the best buys in the internet. Save Bucks has this price compare feature wherein you can get the different prices from the different online shops when you do a single product search. It's pretty helpful when you are in need to compare prices of your desired product. I used this as a reference in buying products online since I get to know the product's price in the market.

Tip 6: Patience.

Be patient. Usually, the delivery of your parcel takes a few weeks before it arrives. The items I bought took three weeks before I received it. Just follow the tips I have suggested above and be assured that your product will arrive. If not, you can always verify it from your merchant or seller.


info said...

Thank you! Great tips for online shopping and to save money! Please don't leave money on the table after your purchase by not being aware of lowest price guarantees or price match guarantees offered by many retailers.

Amazon, BestBuy, Buy.com are just a few of the retailers that offer price guarantees.

Start now and setup your price drop alerts for your recent purchases. Price!pinx offers price drop alerts for almost any website.

richard said...

i dunno if i should write a comment here.. i have no idea [ever since] about buying on line or what.. wala rin kasi ako planong bumili online.. kasi wala naman akong magagamit na pangtransaction. hehhe..

BTW, very nice post..especially for those na may planong bumili online. At least may idea na at hindi na iinit ang ulo.. sige lang kasi ng sige.. hehe

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