Jan 29, 2008

Fly to Davao this March for FREE

Attention Manila Bloggers!

You are invited to join My Davao City's Araw ng Dabaw SEO Davao Keyword Campaign. Kuya Andrew and Ate Ria of Alleba Productions will be sponsoring one round trip plane ticket from Manila to Davao and back to Manila. The contest/campaign will run from January 16, 2008 to February 16, 2008.

If you are interested, all you have to do is write a post of not less than 200 words. Your post may your experience when you were in Davao, the places you have visited in Davao, the sights you want to see in Davao and all other Davao related stories.

For your entry to qualify in the contest, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Contest entry must not be less than 200 words
  2. It must be related to Davao
  3. Must contain a link to http://www.mydavaocity.com with the anchor text of "Davao"
  4. The post should not contain any other links other than the contest keyword
  5. The link should not contain a "nofollow" tag.
  6. Only one entry for every blogger
All entries must be submitted by posting comments on this post.

Non-Manila bloggers may also join the contest and get a chance to win yet another exciting prize. For more information about the contest, please visit the MDC contest page.


kirbitz said...

Wins! Thanks for the comment. ;) Mid Feb? I think you will break that mark even sooner. ;)

Uy, i just bought a domain and wordpress is giving me an INTENSE headache. ;(

Hope you can help me out. As of this moment, i cant figure out tons of things about WP. ;(

Whats your Yahoo SN?. thanks in advance. ;)

Ria Jose said...

Winstonz! Thank for the promo! :)

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