Jan 18, 2008

Belly's Grill - The best grill in town

Davao Food Trip - The Third Leg

The Davao Bloggers are always busy...with food.

Last week, we were treated with free lunch at Belly's Grill in Quirino Avenue. It's a small restaurant equipped with a lot of good food. Yes, GOOD FOOD. I went here with Ate Ria, Miss Miata, Kuya Andrew, Kuya Bboy, Gwing and Tiara. This is the third leg of the Davao Food Trip (2nd - Taj Minar, 1st - Zakoya) which was organized by Kuya Blogie. Unfortunately, Kuya Blogie was not around to taste the delicious foods we had.

The Food. It was my first time to try the ostrich steak (whatever you call an ostrich meat). The taste and the meat's quality is similar to beef, less the distinct taste beef has. I'm not sure how to describe it but I was expecting more of a 'birdish' type of meat but it was good. We were able to try their tuna belly, fried hito, kinilaw, and sisig. All were equally good.

The Owner(s). The restaurant is owned by Miss Celine Sy and her husband (who was very shy to meet us). The place is decorated with photography works of his brother Lito Sy. According to Miss Celine, she first heard about blogging when a friend called her from Japan. This friend came across Kuya Blogie's review about Belly's grill when she searched the internet. She also said that she gets excited when somebody posts good comments about their restaurant.

After having the lunch, I twit about this restaurant. I said, "Belly's Grill is the best. It's 4 times more delicious than Ger*y's Grill at half the price. Davao Food Trip is a lot more better than the Trinoma Food Tour".


Win $250 said...

bring on the food. im starving.

Ria Jose said...

Getting better with the food reviews na ah. Hehe!

But it's Maita not Miata... di po siya model ng car. LOL!

Aice Nice Concepts said...

yummy sarap naman un pictures pwede kaya sila magpa deliver sa bahay just incase lang ^_^

mo said...

I agree!
Don't forget the baked scallops.
It's the best!

Jehzeel Laurente said...

amf kainggit naman neto :(

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