Jan 27, 2008

One is enough, two is gluttony

A lot of bloggers are getting money (moolahs as what Ate Ria Calls it) from blogging, but for me, i getting much food. We ate a lot today. We went to Pepper and Peppers for lunch and Hanoi for Dinner.

Whew! That's what we call gluttony. Batang Yagit is getting MORE healthy these days. I'm exerting some efforts in reducing my weight. But the food trips are irresistible. Can you think of a way where I eat a lot without ever gaining so much weight?

Few weeks ago, I went to my Tita's house which is not far from our house. The first thing she said, "You are getting fat, 'wag kang papasobra."

Ok. I'm gaining weight, getting fat, getting ugly. So what? At least I'm able to eat good food, ehem, a lot of good davao food.

We're still on our 6th leg of the Davao Bloggers Food Trip. There's still more to come, (I guess).


Blogie said...

Siempre there will be more! The Davao Food Trip is here to stay! :)

Btw Kuya Thonz, 'gluttony' is not a very nice term to use. Hurt ako... :P

Ria Jose said...

@Winston - Yeah, we're all getting fat. But at least it's all of us together. HAHA!

@Blogie - The truth hurts. :P

Anonymous said...

"Can you think of a way where I eat a lot without ever gaining so much weight?"

Just enjoy the taste but don't swallow....he he he he he

K-Wakki he he he

Jehzeel Laurente said...

hahahaha yeah taba ka na rin :D

Andrew said...

I ain't a glutton. I just love food, especially free food. Lol.

@Blogie: Nice URL huh? #1 na tayo sa Google. XD

@Ria: Kaya nga I'm organizing the Mindanao Badminton Summit para di tayo tumaba! Kaso walang gustong sumama! Hmph sige kayo lang din ang magtaba nya uy!

Asdix said...

know what guys, buti pa kau.. nakaka pag organize kau ng mga blogger's foodtrip, its a good thing that blogging in davao kinda got mainstream na.. you have alot of people blogging na..
dinhi sa iligan, i only know one person who actually blogs, ung c spaceofinfluence.. hehe. sa cagayan naman c kirby...
tsk tsk..
sana, one day, mag fu fudtrip din kami 3! ehehhe
keep it up guys!

Blogoloco - Win $250 said...

wow ang sarap naman.

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