Jan 8, 2008

The jobless dilemma

I'm in my last semester in college and would be moving on to the "real" world. The time sure passed by so fast, I feel that I have spent a much shorter time in school compared to the when I was complaining on how dragging the passing of time was when I was in first year.

I have mixed emotions about this new chapter in my life. I feel excited, yet anxious, also scared but at the same time already nostalgic. Whatever I feel though, it will still come. The only thing I can do now is to face whatever is coming.

So, what's next for me? Obviously, it's the most inevitable thing after death: Work. Although I am already moonlighting a few online jobs while still in school, and I do a lot of freelance work, I still need to find an actual job that pays bigger, is stable, and more regular than just freelance. It is a good thing for me that this new era comes with more jobs, and more places to look for it. There's the old newspaper, the net, I could ask the school, ask relatives, and if all else fails, I could simply look up and search around light posts for any plastered ads for work. I just wish that I will find the job that I would love doing.

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Blogie said...

You're already an entrepreneur, Wins. You shouldn't really worry about getting a job after graduating. Truth is, I'm sure companies will be lining up to hire you! However, going into business for yourself is a whole lot better than being employed. It's scarier, yes, but much more fulfilling. :)

Aethen said...

Yep. I agree to kuya blogie. :)

Nanaginip nga ako kagabi about the day after graduation. Hai. Before, I have no emotion nor even excited about the graduation day. It would just be another stage in our life that we are going to experience, How? It is on our hands and God's will. :) but, with my dream last night, I was set aback by the question, What's next? Katakot. Hehehe.

Kaya ko 'to. :P


p.s. 4ward mo sa akin mga presentations during min blogger summit. :) Thanks.

God bless.

Ate Ria said...

Good luck!

Let me know how I can help (wag lang utang). Hehe!

Jahz said...

Maniniwala na sana ako kaso may sponsored links sa ibaba.

Kaduda-duda na tuloy ang post nato.

Batang Yagit said...

@blogie, @aethen, @ria: thanks for the comments guys.

@jahz: having an inline ad doesn't make an entry's thought invalid. i can always use inline ads without compromising my content. mind you, i'm different from those bloggers who commercialize their blogs.

Blogie said...

you're very right, wins: having in-post ads doesn't invalidate the post's message. monetizing blogs is now an accepted activity -- in fact, it's like a foregone conclusion, so to speak. so jahz's comment is too flippant and rather irresponsible.

personally, i consider this blog's content to be of high quality, and a lot of the posts are possessed of deep insight.

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