Jan 23, 2008

I love Italian Dish

Beef Salpicao

Last Saturday, we enjoyed another free treat from a good restaurant in town. Salutti is one of the few restaurants in Davao which serves affordable Italian cuisine. This is the fourth restaurant we visited since the Davao Food Trip started.

Salutti is situated at the Habana compound in Rizal Street, Davao City. The place is not big, making it a suitable place for romantic dinners at night, yet, it’s big enough to hold business meetings.

Though the food trip's arrangement was an afternoon snack, Tricie Arcenas, the restaurateur, did not hesitate to generously serve us with both heavy and light meals. Miss Tricie served us almost everything they got from their menu.

The first batch of dishes that was served were Spinach Dip with Crostini, Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard Dip, and Kani Salad with Japanese Dressing. Among these dishes, I like the Kani Salad with Japanese Dressing the most. The veggies used were fresh and crisp. The Japanese Dressing used was new to my palate yet my tongue seems to love the distinct taste.

The second batch of dishes served was the paninis. Panini is a sandwhich made from an Italian bread called ciabatta. The paninis served were Asian Beef and a side salad with Balsamic Dressing, and the Vegetarian panini and a side salad with Raspberry Dressing. The combination of the sweet and spicy flavor creates an interestingly delicious taste. Our vegetarian friend, Kim, enjoyed her vegetarian Panini a lot.

Of course, Italian restos won’t be complete without the pasta. The third batch of our meal was pasta. We were served Creamy Alfredo with Shitake Mushrooms and Roasted Garlic and Tomato, Garlic and Basil.

Another set of dishes served were Chicken in Mushroom Cream Sauce, Beef Salpicao, and Gambas. The Beef Salpicao was delectably good. The flavor of the ingredients other spices were locked in every slice of juicy and tender meat. The Chicken in Mushroom Cream sauce and the Gambas were as good as the Beef Salpicao.

All in all, my experience in Salutti was great. I love the food, the ambience and their service was definitely great (based on my experience of course). I highly recommend Salutti to those people who have a taste for Italian food.

* * *

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Chattee said...

Delish-looking dishes! I am definitely going there not only because of this review, but also because Rob Pengson's sister owns the place. LOL *Thanks Ria*

Andrew said...

Whoa I think you exceeded my adjective quota! Haha. Indeed I enjoyed our meal but nothing beats hanging out with you guys. :) (NAKS)

Anonymous said...

Ahh... food. Those dishes were mouthwatering. Oh God, I think I need to eat again even though I just ate my dinner a few minutes ago and that's just because of those photos!

beejing said...

mmm... tempting. BY, your blog's now a review blog for foods? lol

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