Jan 4, 2008

Taj Minar

I was (again) lucky to avail the free lunch from Taj Minar last December 29, 2007. It was the second leg of the Davao Food Trip organized by Kuya Blogie of Ang Dabawenyo.

Taj Minar, a new fine dining Indian Restaurant, is located at Damosa Gateway. The food monsters present were Ate Ria, Kuya Blogie, Kuya Migs, Kuya Tianx, Kuya Doms, Miss Ria, Miss Maita, Kim and Tiara.

Mr. Zafar Khan, the owner of Taj Minar, seems happy with our presence.

For starters, Mr. Khan served us with Papadam, a taco-shell-like piece of crust with lots of spices. The taste was good but the grease is unforgivable. Mr. Khan said that the grease used is healthy since it's from pure vegetable oil.

Biryani Rice and Vegetable Curry

Mr. Khan served chicken curry, spiced vegatables ang long-grain rice for the main course. I love them all. The vegetable was good. The flavor of the spices were new to me and I love them. I finished two servings of the Chicken Korma (the chicken curry) because Ate Ria was not able to finish hers.

For the dessert, he served us with Carrot Halwa and Chai.

As a conculsion, it is my first time to taste Indian food and I love it. Considering that the restaurant is of fine dining type, the prices are not expensive. The place is also good.

For more information about Taj Minar, you may visit them at Damosa Gateway, Mamay Road, Lanang, Davao City or call them at 303-4320.

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Batang Yagit


chad said...

wow! buti pa kayo! hehe

tiara said...

hi! salamat sa paginform.hehe.

marco said...

kakaingit naman!

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