Aug 25, 2007

Batang Yagit ranks 1 on class tardiness

Yeah, maybe not totally but I still consider it.

I missed my 8 o'clock quiz, the only quiz we have in the mid terms. Yes, I did. It was so stupid for me to forget that our teacher scheduled a special class today. It was so stupid that I did not check my calendar. It was so stupid that I forgot to set the alarm last night. Oh well, I can't do anything about that. The consequence was laid upon me this morning.

If not for Chai, I would have slept longer. I read an SMS from Chai around 9.30 a.m. That's 1.5 hours after thae quiz started and 30 minutes before it would end. It was then panic hit me. I had to cram my morning activities so I could get to school before 10am. When I arrived, I decided to ask our teacher if I could enter his 10a.m. CoE (Computer Engineering) class. I pleaded before he allowed me.

There I was, sitting at the back-most part of the computer laboratory. I was so careless in answering the first part of the test. Since it was a 'no erasure' exam, I did not have the chance to change my wrong answers. The only nice thing which happened this morning was that I was able to finish the hands-on programming task for the PIC Microcontroller. I was able to load the program to my chip on time. Most of the CoE people where not able to cause our teacher switched off the main power. I think there were only two who got the hands-on right. I'm so glad I was one of the two. (No one from the 8am class got the problem right or if they did, they did not make it on time)

So that's what happened this morning and here I am blogging late at night. I have a Kalasag activity tomorrow at 8a.m. (again???). Wake me up if you get the chance. Hehehehe.


jehzlau said...

shettttttttt!! quiz??? ako dati na miss ko exam! hahaha! final exam! hahaha buti nalang pinag bigyan.. so di parin na miss :P hehehe.. pero na miss ko din yung dapat na sked.. tagal ko kasing nagising.. wahahaha ^___^

TIP: quit blogging :P

marco said...

kna xa ang gntawag na TAGAM!! katanga sa quiz og sa exam !! hahah

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