Aug 29, 2007

A response to the injustice of the Ateneo OSA

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The SAMAHAN finally expressed their sympathy on the aftermath of Mr. Enriquez' unjust sanction for the nine students who violated the student code of conduct for ID's. The photos above says "Let us light a candle in sympathy to the 9 Ateneo students who became victims of unjust sanction and public humiliation".

About two weeks ago, the Ateneo Community noticed the presence of a "WANTED" poster in the Office of the Student Affairs Bulletin Board. Contained in this poster are the photos and IDs of 9 students who violated the school's policy on IDs.

As far as I know, when someone violates a rule stated in the student's handbook, the person guilty of such violation shall be given proper sanctions. Sanctions for certain violations vary depending on its weight. Such things shall be determined by the OSA Director or by the Disciplinary Board. Example of these sanctions are public apology, community service, suspension and expulsion. Not once that I have heard of a rule saying that the school will publicly humiliate students who will violate the rules stated in the student's handbook.

Never in their life did these students wished to be placed in a "WANTED" poster. Never did the parents of these students imagined treating their sons and daughters as criminals. Never did they imagined that the very school they respect will give this unjust treatment.

I share the same sentiments with those students who suffered this unjust treatment. If they have violated school rules, then give them the proper sanction they deserve. They don't deserve to be treated like criminals and be humiliated in public. What these students need is justice which was taken from them by person/s involved in the Ateneo Administration.

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Batang Yagit


darklocco said...

kuyawa kuya oi!! ana jud!!

bananas said...

While i don't justify the misbehavior of the nine students, if indeed they were misbehaving, the Ateneo OSA director, not withstading the fact that his blight will smear also the entire office, is a big, big source of shame for the entire university.

Here the public is once again a witness to how an official abused his authority and caused an unspeakable discomfort to the same people whose money fattened his pocket.

This brings to memory the latest instalment of the harry poter movie--that bitch in pink?

If you sum this up, you do not actually need a movie to realize that what the OSA director did is also happening outside the university. You dont even have to look far as the other's just right here, love--in the country called the Philippines.

Jehzeel Laurente said...

hehehehe... seryoso to ah.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

nah, if you studied at AdDU from grade school to college then there is no need to make a fuss about this..... mabuti nga at wala na yung mga american professors - the Jesuits. kulang pa yun. natry niyo na ba makipagsuntukan with a priest (as big as a football player at our time and thinking it was GS and HS)kasama na yun sa tradition kaya there is no need to explain. kung hindi nila kaya how harsh the OSA Director can be, or yung sa time namin yung mga Jesuits, you better find another school.

Anonymous said...

tska karamihan naman ng students from college come from the "bundoks." (people who studied since nursery know this term) i know that sounds harsh tska i know it discriminates people from the provinces but ganun tlga eh. strictly na sinusunod ang mga rules. maraming times na vinaviolate eto but you should face the consequences rin

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