Aug 24, 2007

The week it was

As you may have noticed, I didn't get to post much this week. I have been busy with some things here. Thank God I still find time to make this post despite that I have to study for my quiz this morning. Mind you guys, it's a really really long quiz. Three weeks of my classmates' reports packed in a single quiz. That's quite long, isn't it.

So what was keeping me busy this week? Hmmm... a lot of things.

  • Thesis Papers. Yeah, I am graduating this March (hopeful). As for graduating students, we are required to make our thesis paper. For us engineering students, we call it Project Study. We have to come up with a prototype system that we could use to help our community. Since we are joining the 4th Smart SWEEP this year, we are obliged to make our project study relevant to this year's theme which is Going Wireless for Disaster Preparedness. We already have decided what project to make. The only problem we had was the submission of the first three chapters of the thesis paper. It's quite difficult cause we have to submit it on Tuesday and we have started doing it the day before. (We were a day late, we submitted it on the Wednesday)

  • Malaysian Friends. Seven Malaysian friends are here in Davao to do a mission for the church (Hope of God). They are here to introduce their Church to the Uni (that's how the truncate the word University) students since they see the potential from these kids. Anyway, I have been going out with them for a couple of nights now. It was fun. I enjoyed their company a lot.

  • Microcontroller Project. This one set me on a bad mood. The project was supposed to be submitted on the morning of Thursday. Until Wednesday, nobody took the initiative to make the project. So I decided to do it on the afternoon of Wednesday. I was at the Kalasag Office the whole afternoon, squeezing my brain out while I work on the program. I am not even sure if the given conditions (from our teacher) that I know were right. Since almost everyone were aware that I was working on the project, someone from our class asked for the HEX File. His statement really set my mood really bad. He could have asked for the source code if he wanted to copy. At least in that way, he has the chance of learning the code I made. Well, he did not. If that's what he wants then fine. So I decided not to share it to the class (who did not do the program), except of course to my group mates. Again, everything did not end there. One of my group mates, a trusted friend, spilled out the information that we already finished the code. And me on the other hand, not knowing what my friend told the class, said that we have not done anything yet and I am still working on it. (Denial to the MAX). I've been like this for the whole time not until that trusted friend admitted that he told the class about our code. WTF! So what's up now? Am I being presented as the antagonist of the show? ... Thursday morning, I woke up late from the stress the previous night had brought me. I was shocked when I entered the room, only to find out that my classmates were around that trusted friend's workstation cramming their way in getting a copy of the code. Ok. No need to explain. I see what's happening. I don't need to freak out. I don't need to make any wrong moves.
Hmmm...what else kept me busy for the time I was not online? Aha, I've been watching Dragon Zakura for the past week. It's a Jap Series about a lawyer who became a teacher. I guess it's similar to Gokusen. :D


marco said...

kchar oi!!

Jehzeel Laurente said...

hahaha busy na talaga.. graduating ka na eh :P astigGGGGGG :P

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