Nov 17, 2007

Another fastfood abroad

Yet another fastfood chain that I've been to in Borneo. This shot was from a Jollibee branch in Gadong, Brunei. I mentioned before that the foods being sold in this Jollibee branch are very expensive, relative to those sold in the Philippines.

If you might be thinking that only Filipinos come to eat in this fast food, well you are wrong. Most of the people that were at the restaurant when I came are Brunei people. (It's awkward to say Bruneian or Bruneese or Brunian. Hehehe.. I don't know which term to address people from Brunei is more appropriate.) Some of the crews are Filipinos, even the manager too.

Some Jollibee restaurants here in Davao offer free wifi access. So i tried my luck on searching for a free hotspot. I noticed most of the available wifi hotspots near the area was similar to that of Globe's globeWiz. Since I'm not interested in paying for my internet, I decided not to push my luck further.

If the food's taste is in question, there's not much difference as to what we have here in the Philippines. Unlike with KFC who remade their chicken recipe to suit their market, Jollibee maintained the original Pinoy taste of their menu.

Notice that the cola (that's how Malays call Coca-Cola) has a different cup. They don't use the plastic cup, instead, they use paper cups. The price, as usual, is more expensive.

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Batang Yagit


Mikko said...

Wow, sarap naman nyan.

Waaaa, cute ng paper cups. Sa KFC naman, yung totoong baso.

Masayang tripping: Pumunta ng KFC at magdinein. Ilabas ang kanilang magandang baso for collection. Meron na akong siyam (9), hahaha. Try nyo, masaya!

Culture Shiok! OFW said...

Buti pa sa Malaysia may Jollibee. Dito sa Singapore wala.

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