Nov 18, 2007

Teens can make money too

A lot of people are now engaged in monetizing their blogs. Who would not bite the deal? You are earning while doing your hobby.

A couple of months ago, I enrolled in this pay per post program. They pay is not that much but it's decent though. The advertiser sends us link assignments once or twice a month. So far, has already received its second link assignment since the time this blog was enrolled in that program.

The difficult part of sponsored posts is the idea that the author should strictly follow the anchor texts of the links assigned to be posted, regardless if it's grammatically right or not. I have encountered several instances wherein there is a strong urge in me to change the anchor text because it does not sound right. But if I change the text, I won't get paid for that.

Another difficulty which I encountered is the relevance of the anchor texts to the niche of my blog. Some of you might have noticed in my previous posts on how I mentioned plastic surgeries, cosmetic surgeries and rhinoplasty in Los Angeles CA. The posts are somewhat irrelevant to the anchor texts but it takes talent for someone to integrate that anchor texts in the post.

This is just one way on how to monetize your blogs. There are a lot of sites out there which offer advice, techniques and guides on how to make money online. My friend Kirby from Cagayan de Oro even made a specialized blog on how teens make money. His goal is to earn a million (pesos) through his blog. You can check his blog for some guides.

There is an infinite number of ways on how a teen like Batang Yagit can earn money through his blog. It's a matter of perseverance, patience and hardwork. Pro's are already earning thousands of bucks from blogging. I can also do the same. Unlike in the non-virtual world wherein there's a distinction of social class which might push you up or pull you down in the "Food Chain". The virtual world (internet) is a free world. A batang yagit today might become the most successful online money maker someday.

Asides: Please do check Richard's new home in the internet. He's now part of the Batang Kalye list. Check his Pulse Circle blog at

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Batang Yagit


swexie said...

Earnings are slow when you've just started but there's really no pressure in keeping up with your income if you're just doing it for a hobby, that's the cool part. I received my very first paycheck 2 long years after I signed up at Google Adsense, and I never even thought that my earnings would reach $100. Oh well, I was really happy in earning that passive income. (--,)

Jehzeel Laurente said...

pero you're not a teen anymore.. bwahahaha! :P ^__^

p.s.: ako di parin na a approve sa blog to profit.. heehee :P

padre salvi said...

di pwede sa wordpress yan eh.

miles0282 said...

I want to learn to moneytize my blog. Pero I don't know I'm researching pa about it.

Batang Yagit said...

@padresalvi: pwede ang paid posts sa wordpress. heheheh

@miles: can check out my friend kirby's site.

Aice said...

you have been tagged at my blog ^_^ check mo nalang

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