Nov 21, 2007

I'll take making money seriously

I badly need money. Not for my daily needs, but for the coming months I guess. I was contemplating on how I will survive my first 6-months away from home study this coming April. I'm aware that being away from home brings a lot of financial struggles. It's better to expect something like that would happen to me while I'm having my review.

For a start, I registered to a few money earning communities in the web. First, I registered for the Dollar Pays. Dollar Pays pay you to sign up for programs, fill out survey forms and avail advertiser offers. I'm not earning from Dollar pay yet so I can't assure a good income from this program.

Another program I applied was It's an advertising company. They pay their users to view the websites of the advertisers for 30s. The user earns $0.01 for every 30s view of a site. It's not bad especially if you are a frequent internet surfer.

I also activated or rather checked my TLA account. My account was approved few months ago but I never used it. This time, I'll take making money seriously. I'm not receiving any links from TLA yet but I'm still waiting.

My BTP was scheduled for another pay tomorrow. So this would be my first pay after I decided to take this matter seriously. I also managed to register for a Paypal account. So if you are interested in sending money, you may do so. Just leave me a message here and I'll give you my e-mail address for my paypal account. *wink* *wink*

*** Update: I didn't notice my title. Lol. wrong wrong wrong. (I'll taking take making money seriously)

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Batang Yagit


faust said...

thanks for sharing, im making right now.. hehehhe

Jehzeel Laurente said...

ehehehe.. na reinstate daw adsense mo eh.. hayan na! start earning dollars again! bwahahaha! :P

Mikko said...

Saya nyan ah. Try ko yan!

Offtopic: Hirap ng word verification image na binigay sakin. Grrr, Blogger!

Allen said...

I'm thinking of taking it seriously too. Now that I got a job, a sideline would be nice ehhe ^_^

lady influence said...

hi.. same pla tayo, am serious about making money online, magrereview ako next april for my exam, kailangan ng pera.. hope you can visit my blogs,

im from mindanao, if am not mistake youre from mindanao too right?

Batang Yagit said...

@faust: no prb

@jehz: wow. that's a good news

@mikko: hmmm...malas ka lang siguro

@allen: same here allen

@lady: really??? hmmm..yeah i'm from davao. hhehe..

Jehzeel Laurente said...

it's really a good news.. pati ako na reinstate din,.. sabay na tayo mag adsense! yey! heehee :P

mitchmatch said...

Batang Yagit,

I don't know if you already heard about BlogToprofit. If you do, then I think that's a good source of income, earning some amount. HEHE!...and If's a quick overview of the program. BlogToProfit will give you some topic to discuss, write it on your own words with a hyperlink within the content pointing to the targeted URLs, using the anchor text of their choice. Then, they will pay you per link posted (one link per post) and IF you could finish the task in short period of time, they'll give incentive...sort of bonus! Sounds good, ayt? But first, you have to submit your blog...HEHE! and they'll review it to ensure that you're blog meets their criteria. So, That's it...Making Money Online is easy!...hehehe... AHh, BTW..the payment is done via WESTERN Union. HeheHE.

For more information, you may contact the person in-charge, kindly add HER to your YM: m.dioso_hseo and, GTalk: blogtoprofit (She's from Cagayan De Oro City.) HeHe. Just send my regards...hehehhe..

So, I guess that's all...try to register...and I hope that would help you...and Good Luck to your review...hehehe...

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