Nov 14, 2007

Lattice Lacing on my Denim Chucks

Last Sunday, I searched from google the keywords "How to tie a shoe lace". Pretty noob right? Hehehe.

The first site in google's list is Ian's Shoelace Site. I was able to look into several samples posted in his site. The site also offers several tutorials on how to tie your shoe lace.

I was looking for some cool way to tie the lace of my shoes. I ended up with his tutorial on Lattice Lacing. The tutorial is very easy to follow. Illustrations are also available. I didn't even read the instructions. The illustrations are clear and easy enough to be understood.

Aside from the tutorials, his site also features a gallery of different shoes tied in different ways. The samples varies from different brands, styles, and colors. You can also combine different lacing techniques.

Noob it may seem but the results are very cool. I'll try another variation next time.

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Batang Yagit


bugITs said...

parehang pareha sa post ko noon sa EUTS .. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Sarah said...

Ayus ah.. gagayahin ko rin yung ibang methods to lace shoes..i'm just wondrin what were you thinking when you googled those keywords?

yatot said...

nakita ko ung iba pang mga shoelaces... hahahha... itatry ko siguro mamaya sa bahay.. pero mukhang hindi ko makakayanan... slow ako! ahhahaha

Henelsie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maistra said...

humanda ang site na yan pag nagsneakers ako...^_^

Andrew said...

Galing, used the lattice method on my gym shoes. ^^

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