Nov 19, 2007

I'm taking Bio Med this semester

Electronics and Communications Engineering is one of the few courses in the Engineering Division which offers Elective Subjects in the last three semesters of the 5-year course. The last year's elective was Biomedical Engineering. Everyone thought that the subject will turn out right, yet, none of the students who took the course felt its importance or significance to the career we were trying to pursue.

Biomedical engineering, in the engineering's point of view, is the field of engineering which specializes in the design and development of systems, gadgets, tools and other equipments which can be of great help in the medical field, whether for research or for treatment. Good examples of these medical applications designed by us 'engineers' are the tools being used in Miami plastic surgery.

Last semester, before taking the subject, we tried to evaluate things. Our class have considered this as a very delicate subject. A subject which needs a lot of knowledge in Biology and Medicine. The only background that all of us had in these fields is the Biology subject that we had when we were in our second year in high school, which we thought is not enough. Another thing we tried to take into consideration are the equipments necessary in the research and development of devices and systems we are going to design for this field. The school has no single equipment for the medical field which can be used by ECEs in their designs.

After further evaluation, the class decided to made a petition to change the subject of our Elective course. But the petition was rejected. Now we have to suffer yet another "not-so-useful" subject in our college life.

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Batang Yagit

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juler said...

hello there buddy, biomedical engineering huh? let me guess it will be hard huh? good luck to you buddy.. by the way i just link your site to my blog... hope u link me also... godbless

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