Nov 19, 2007

Working at night, taking the shots

I'm not referring to liquor shots. Not the ones sold in San Diego entertainment clubs.

Last night, I was out with some of my colleagues for a photo shoot. The subject of our photo shoot is Urban at night. All the shots were taken in the streets. We went from the streets around Marco Polo to the landmarks in San Pedro. We were also able to take some shots from the construction site of the soon to rise condominium near the SM mall. The last shoot we made was at the Airport Road in Buhangin.

It's such an ironic thing to see that a busy metro at day would be a deserted city at night. The usual noisy streets is deafening in silence. But a different beauty arises in the dark. The lights give a tranquil environment to the city.

Street children, even at night, were still playing in the streets. The little gamblers doesn't seem to feel tired of what they were doing. I wondered if the kids have a home awaiting for them.

That photo shoot was a tough job. We started 8 p.m and ended up at 2 in the morning. That was the reason why I started my day at one this afternoon.

I might be posting some of my shots later. Photography is really fun.

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